July 2020
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Regular visitors to this blog will be aware that our project, like all the other JISC/HEA projects, will finish at the end of this April.   I’m busily writing our Final Report, which must be submitted by 26th April. I’ve often said that we have had two projects, one to deliver the ‘hard’ deliverables, (e.g. the […]

Ruminations on OER10 conference

OER10 conference, Cambridge, 22-24/3/2010 There have been so many folk blogging their thoughts on this conference, it clearly made quite an impact.    It certainly did for me – a whole conference dedicated to OER rather than some obscure parallel session.  Well done to the the conference organisors etc. Abstracts are available at: Programme is […]

Weekly Update

We’re now at the stage where we’re starting to double check through the material we have cleared, in order to demonstrate ‘due diligence’ before depositing it into our Open Exeter repository. We have already tested the process of creating ZIP files and IMS Content Packages, the latter of which we have successfully imported into Moodle […]

OER Evaluation at Exeter

I am currently involved in evaluating OER at the University of Exeter.  The aim is to capture staff attitudes towards production and use of OERs, benefits and barriers, careers and the future of OER at Exeter.  This has involved interviewing key stakeholders at the University from various sub-sectors such as the steering group, contributors, staff […]

Weekly Update

It has been a busy week for many of the members of the team, with the main focus being report and presentation writing in preparation for OER10 as well as the draft report for JISC. We are also in the process of finalising the specification for the creative commons license out which will be applied […]

Weekly Update

Now that we have reached mid February the credit totals are our main priority, we are now getting very close to our 360 credit target. Because we are confident about reaching are target we have been spending some extra time making sure we maximise the content we have for the modules we are currently working […]

Weekly Update

We are progressing towards our 360 credit target, with over 280 credits worth of material processed so far, and the remaining 80 credits in the pipeline. Among the issues that we are discussing at present is the question of how we can tailor our resources to best meet the needs of our target audience(s). Tom […]

Weekly Update

Our institutional repository is almost up and running and we will commence depositing resources shortly. The paper and accompanying presentation we are preparing for OER10 is coming along well. The decision to streamline the copyright clearance process has enabled us to produce OER ready material at a greater pace. We have found that by focusing […]

This blog was primarily written by our new recruit and educational technologist – James Peard.  But we are having trouble getting him ‘author’ rights so I’m posting it (Tom). As we are all feeling the target to deliver 360 credits looming ever closer, we have decided to modify our approach just a little.   We aim to hit our target by mid February.  […]

Four months to go

Last week we had our first team meeting of the year, and reviewed where we are now and where we’re going next. We were sorry to learn of the death of one of the tutors contributing to OER over the Christmas period; another tutor has been in hospital but is now on the road to […]