May 2020
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Reflections: induction session two

In the second session we looked at the working process of creating the material, the metadata and the local repository. The process Materials will be licensed-in to the University from the academic. The material will be printed and given to the academic, with a guidance sheet, for them to mark-up in terms of authorship. Once […]

Reflections: induction session one

In May the learning technologists had three induction sessions. We’ve been busy getting to grips with the project and so there’s not been much time to reflect on them, but here finally is an overview of what was discussed. Managing the material We will need to investigate the contractual status of the authors (academics), and establish where (and […]

Progress so far…

The project website is now up and running and contains a variety of information, including details of the work packages that will be undertaken, links to useful resources, and contact details for the project members. We have also decided to use Google Docs to store the majority of our working documents. This enables us to work collaboratively on […]

Intellectual Property Rights and Licenses

The OER team met with Rachael Morgan, a university legal representative and Paul Hirst, the university Risk Manager to discuss intellectual property copyright issues that may arise during the course of the project. From the meeting a process of due diligence was created to ensure that all content made available through the project is licensed […]