July 2020
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Images and IPR

One afternoon last week, when it was (yet again) raining, one of my flow charts hit the murky waters of images and IPR. Neither of us have been the same since. As I’m sure many have noted, Images and IPR means looking at: Who created the image Where the image was created (from inside or outside a building for photos, to where-in-the-world) […]

Licence-in document

We need to handle IPR coming in as well as going out so we reasoned that we need two distinct licences! Licence-indefines the terms under which a contributor gives us material. Licence-out is in effect the Creative Commons process of defining permissions on usage. Our Licence-In document is now available from:   It has been […]

Reflections: induction session three

In the third induction session a lengthy discussion was held on the subject of insurance and copyright. It didn’t resolve all our queries, but it did raise some issues for further exploration. A provisional flow chart was created, that would be given to the academic with their material. As they annotate their course material, it […]

Reflections: induction session one

In May the learning technologists had three induction sessions. We’ve been busy getting to grips with the project and so there’s not been much time to reflect on them, but here finally is an overview of what was discussed. Managing the material We will need to investigate the contractual status of the authors (academics), and establish where (and […]

ET collective #01: first steps

Every week we (the educational technologists as a collective trio) will be adding an update on the way the project is going… Ian and Rich have been working on the material from different angles – Ian by developing some instructions for the academics and making them readily accessible via Google docs, and by beginning the process […]

Retention of copyright at ‘licence-in’

We have been having some lively debates regarding IPR issues.    It seems that the answer to most questions is ‘it all depends’ which is very frustrating when we are seeking definitive answers, which would in turn determine what action then takes place. In conversation with some of our depositors, there is also much mis-information and […]

Notes from JISC Regional Support Centre South West online webinar – 4th June 2009

Presenter: Naomi Korn – Web2Rights project manager Project web site:  Introduction The Internet is now content rich and it is now easier to access and use other people’s content and technology then ever before:   We are all uses of other people’s work We are also generating our own copyright protected work Due to this […]