July 2020
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ET Collective #07: Publishing

A short catchup this week as a (downright fortunate) few of us have escaped to sunnier climes. Rich has been working on moving the website into the University’s new content management system and I have been marking up course material on eighteenth-century literature. I’ve also been communicating with JISC Legal about the grey area of […]

Images and IPR

One afternoon last week, when it was (yet again) raining, one of my flow charts hit the murky waters of images and IPR. Neither of us have been the same since. As I’m sure many have noted, Images and IPR means looking at: Who created the image Where the image was created (from inside or outside a building for photos, to where-in-the-world) […]

ET Collective #5

As reported in a previous blog we now have the licence-in document ready for use. We have also added a page to our website to give a more inward-looking description of the OER project, detailing exactly why people should sign up. You can read our sales pitch here and comments are welcome. Regarding getting more […]

Licence-in document

We need to handle IPR coming in as well as going out so we reasoned that we need two distinct licences! Licence-indefines the terms under which a contributor gives us material. Licence-out is in effect the Creative Commons process of defining permissions on usage. Our Licence-In document is now available from:   It has been […]

ET collective #04

Today’s meeting was a way of catching up on each other’s recent priorities. A list of IPR questions raised has been produced which will be an ongoing document charting IPR issues as they crop up, and the solution offered through the various due diligence hoops we have set up, culminating in ‘sign-off’ by our legal […]

Retention of copyright at ‘licence-in’

We have been having some lively debates regarding IPR issues.    It seems that the answer to most questions is ‘it all depends’ which is very frustrating when we are seeking definitive answers, which would in turn determine what action then takes place. In conversation with some of our depositors, there is also much mis-information and […]

Progress so far…

The project website is now up and running and contains a variety of information, including details of the work packages that will be undertaken, links to useful resources, and contact details for the project members. We have also decided to use Google Docs to store the majority of our working documents. This enables us to work collaboratively on […]

Notes from JISC Regional Support Centre South West online webinar – 4th June 2009

Presenter: Naomi Korn – Web2Rights project manager Project web site:  Introduction The Internet is now content rich and it is now easier to access and use other people’s content and technology then ever before:   We are all uses of other people’s work We are also generating our own copyright protected work Due to this […]

Intellectual Property Rights and Licenses

The OER team met with Rachael Morgan, a university legal representative and Paul Hirst, the university Risk Manager to discuss intellectual property copyright issues that may arise during the course of the project. From the meeting a process of due diligence was created to ensure that all content made available through the project is licensed […]