Why MBA? Why Now?

A question that I’ve been asked numerous times since I told my family, friends and colleagues about my choice to return to Exeter. Although my decision was a considered one I’d never really had to firmly say why I wanted to do the course until it was the title of my first assessed essay. Having only written one essay since graduating, the warm up one to this, I was a little apprehensive but I’m not sure if it was the though of writing an assessed essay or having to finally commit to paper my reasons for embarking on the course.

To complicate things further this wasn’t the type of essay I was used to writing, one where you argue your case, put your point forward and hope the examiner agrees, this is a reflective essay, and my last attempt didn’t quite turn out how I had wanted.

So the process of reflection begun, and the only way to do it is to be brutally honest with yourself. If you can’t do that your not really going to do yourself justice, but there are a few handy tools that help the process, but for me the most effective was also the most simplest, Socratic Questioning – which turned me in to the toddler I used to be asking “Why?” to everything.

Having avoided the USB hitch that my last essay fell fowl of I managed to submit with a whole 20 minutes remaining, not quite the margin I had hoped for, but It was done and dusted, now time to wait for the marks.

As for Why MBA? Why Now? hopefully these posts will give you some clue, and if you haven’t come to your own conclusions by then, I might post the essay.

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