A MBA, A job and now a half marathon

Today marked the start of my half marathon training for the Great West Run. I completed my first half marathon in Reading last year, and although I didn’t find it easy I enjoyed the challenge and the feeling that I got once I’d completed it, well the second feeling after I’d stopped feeling like I was about to collapse.

But with a both a demanding job, not to mention the demands of an MBA why would I choose to try and cram another thing into my schedule? One of the reasons for me choosing to quit London for a while was not just to prepare for my next career move, but also make some changes to my life. I’m always in awe of the people who seem to have boundless energy, pack a million things into a day and still have time to sleep. As best as I tried I never quite succeeded, I would always run out of energy or get ill.

The one thing that I noticed about those people was they all managed to cram a chance to exercise into their schedule, take for example Natalie Sission who I briefly had the pleasure of working for and now consider a friend. (In fact she was one of my MBA references). She loves to be active and you can read about her escapades on her blog, but I’m fairly sure that when we worked together I could count on one hand the number of days that she didn’t do some exercise and she lived the lifestyle I described, and it makes sense. The benefits of exercise are well know so now its time for me to get some.

With this in mind I’m looking forward to our masterclass in March on Resilience and the Corporate Athlete. We’ve not had the day’s schedule yet so I can’t tell you what we’ll be covering but if the day lives up to its title it should be interesting.

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