Management Consultancy with a Purpose

Our team of management consultants is working with a local company to help them establish a market for a new innovation. It’s going to be a massive challenge for them as there are some significant incumbents, so we will need to offer some very clever advice if we’re really going to make a difference.

This project is different because success will mean more to them than just making a profit. Although they will definitely do that. It will also deliver a major social and environmental benefit because people who put up with exposure to pollution will be able to do their jobs without fear we can help eliminate significant direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

So we are researching disruptive strategies, and analysing the industry in detail. We’re working with trade bodies and taking advice from many organisations and people. We’re also conducting primary research in the field. Our final synthesis will deliver a report showing how the company can break into their chosen market and realise a benefit for their company, but also a Shared Value that will stretch to the wider community and world around us. It’s something to be very excited about.

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