“Open Exeter”

So, we are finally able to start our “Open Exeter” blog. Having survived ‘water ingress’ (what I used to call leaks!!) into the library office and with the continual drumbeat of the building works in the background the Open Exeter project is now in full swing.

Recruitment for the various strands is going well. I was appointed as data curation officer and started a couple of weeks ago and our administrative assistant starts on Monday. We are also going to be working with four PGR students and after many more applicants than we expected we start the interview process next week (the dangling of a free ipad must surely have swelled the numbers…). The applications alone have been helpful and show just what a wide range of data types the PGRs at Exeter deal with, even within the same departments.

My own learning curve has been steep but having spent a week reading solidly I am coming up to speed with the latest developments in research data management. When you add in interviews, countless meetings, website design, liaising with IT and a couple of history seminars (in my own time of course) then these three weeks have been packed.

As a team we will be blogging regularly so stay in touch and please feel free to comment on our progress.

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This post was written by Gareth Cole on October 24, 2011