What is Data? Some responses from PGRs

We asked the question above of every student we interviewed when we were recruiting PGRs for our Follow the Data work strand. These are some of the responses – make of it what you will!

Collected data
Anything you’ve created rather than sources
Facts that are collected and stored for later analysis
Quantitative not qualitative
Could be anything
Information that’s collected
Quantitative and qualitative
Anything: Word docs, interviews, questionnaires, video, emails even
Raw materials that’s gathered – it could be your own or other people’s
It isn’t data that you generate yourself
Depends on the discipline
Optimisation results
Data generated for future analysis by conducting research
Online databases
Open to interpretation
Material you use, such as books
Material that’s already there
Raw data that’s produced
Data from books, video clips, photos from archives, mp3s, YouTube
My own performances
Primary texts
Sources: books, journals, articles, ebooks, YouTube, performances
What is created: annotated bibliographies, Word docs, web sites, diagrams, tables, Paint docs
Published data
Historical environment records
Unpublished data
Empirical data
Comparative legal data
Statistical analysis
Microscope images for analysis
My own published papers
Lab books
Audio visual
Technical manuals

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This post was written by Jill Evans on January 27, 2012


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  1. Jez Cope February 6, 2012 22:06

    This is a really interesting list, and raises some important questions about how data is perceived by different researchers in different fields, and how we talk about data with such a diverse audience.

    Thanks for sharing this — I look forward to hearing more from your students!

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