Open Exeter Research Data survey is launched

After what seems like hundreds of meetings, multiple drafts and a pilot survey with our PGR students, the Open Exeter Research Data Survey has been launched!

The survey is open  to researchers at Exeter from postgraduate research (PGR) level to senior professors. We are hoping for as many responses as possible although due to the nature of the beast I will be happy with a response rate of around 10%.

We are well aware of the demands that researchers face on their time and we have tried to make the survey as user friendly and easy to fill in as possible. This has been helped in no small measure by the ease of use of Bristol Online Surveys.

Once we have some results we will be in a far better position to understand the needs and requirements of researchers at Exeter.

For those of you reading this who are Exeter researchers the survey can be found online at:

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This post was written by Gareth Cole on February 14, 2012

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