Holistic Librarian: Thing 2

As a librarian – and strong supporter of Open Access there will inevitably questions put or issues raised regarding the ins-and-outs of repositing. One such area would be ethical concerns such as the one below.


Imagine the following situation: a researcher asks if they can put video footage of children on the Exeter Data Archive. How would you respond?

What I knew before the task:

That there is legislation regarding this; ethical standards to be followed before research can be undertaken. Unsure whether permission to undertake research sufficient to reposit it..

What I know now:

Permissions from parent/guardian must be re-sought specifically for repositing material. There’s a grey area regarding using film captured in the public domain. During any initial research application there is no tick box option for allowing material to be eventually reposited. As a librarian I should need to contact reasearcher/academic supervisor to ensure due permissions have been obtained and legality met.

This process must be standardised. All researchers across the university ought to include a question for “subjects” as to whether repositing is permissible. This will make a librarian’s task much simpler and surer.

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This post was written by Afzal Hasan on June 21, 2012


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