DARTS3 (take two)

In addition to asking the conference delegates at DARTS3 what training they would feel comfortable conducting (see my blog yesterday) we also asked them what training is currently offered at their institution. The results are below:


Please tick all that apply

In which of the following does your institution/workplace provide training?

For researchers

For Librarians/support staff

How to Develop a Data Management Plan



Organising Research Material



File and Document Management



Legal and Ethical Issues



Bibliographic Software



Institutional Repositories and Open Access



The results are quite clear and show why the delegates felt most confident teaching on Bibliographic Software and Institutional Repositories and Open Access; they already taught these topics. Obvious from this table is the fact that even those few institutions that do conduct training on research data management (RDM) issues for researchers do not provide a similar service for support staff. It should be said here that a number of the delegates were not sure whether training was provided or not. If training is in fact provided but the delegates are unaware of it shows that all of us involved in RDM projects must not only create the necessary training modules/materials but also advertise them as widely as possible to both researchers and support staff. Our interviews at Exeter have also made it clear that we must also highlight why the training is necessary and make it relevant. If not, then researchers (and support staff) will not take the time out of their schedules to attend.

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This post was written by Gareth Cole on July 12, 2012

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