Holistic Librarian: Thing 3

As the Holistic Librarian, I am piloting a self-learning training course on Research Data Management for Subject Librarians. My third task was to document my response to a researcher who wants to publish an article and the data that backs up their conclusions on Open Access.

What I knew about the topic before the task:

I knew that the phrase ‘on open access’ signified a movement (in higher education) that aimed to bypass the likes of publisher’s burgeoning pay walls, making the results of publicly funded research… public, which entails collaboration – a word that has a positive meaning now- can happen.

What I know now:

I’m starting to realise the gravitas of ERIC The Exeter Research and Institutional Content archive –The University of Exeter’s repository, and what Symplectic is  – the University’s research publications management system – via which data can be reposited on ERIC yielding a permanent reference link.
Open Access to Publications has varying degrees of repositability depending on the Publisher’s policies as on the website Sherpa Romeo where permissions are colour coded:

Gold: paid for open access publishing

Other Archiving colours

Green: can archive pre-print and post-print
Blue: can archive post-print (i.e. final draft post-refereeing)
Yellow: can archive pre-print (i.e. pre-refereeing)
White: archiving not formally supported

For Data repositing there is a dedicated repository EDA at Exeter (for image repositing there is DCO).
I obtained this information first by searching on the university website which yielded the following highly informative result:


Perhaps there ought to be a consulting OA officer with a dedicated website, chat and FAQs given the growing significance of OA in the fabric of research – This OAO should be embedded in various team meetings where OA is publicised and receives maximum exposure and support.
I found the task a learning curve, and would like to have the confidence now to contribute fully as a Subject Librarian to making OA a reality.

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This post was written by Afzal Hasan on July 16, 2012


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