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On the 18th and 19th June 2012, Joy Davidson and Sarah Jones from the Digital Curation Centre delivered training sessions on Research Data Management (RDM) for University of Exeter PGR students and Professional Services Staff.

12 PGRs from diverse disciplines and 21 Professional Services staff, from Research and Knowledge Transfer, the Library and academic colleges and disciplines, attended the events which aimed to give an overview of RDM throughout the research lifecycle.

For many attendees this was the first time that they had received RDM training and the Open Exeter team were interested in observing the event and receiving feedback from those who attended in order to develop our own Exeter-specific training. For PGR students, this type of general RDM training will sit in the Researcher Development Programme and we hope to be able to offer discipline-specific advice and training through the Colleges and disciplines as well. As one PGR stated “It would be very useful to receive at least some of this training at a very early stage of the research to ensure that data is appropriately stored and backed up – maybe then being given a reminder and/or more detailed information at a later stage.”

Feedback about the training was positive, and one comment that was reiterated was about the usefulness of a mixed group of attendees from across the University. For PGR students, this led to the discovery that many faced similar RDM issues despite the fact that their areas of study were disparate, for example, how to store their data securely. For Professional Services staff, it was interesting to note how support for researchers comes from various areas of the University, especially in the break-out exercise about who has responsibility for different RDM activities. This is also important as ideally researchers should receive consistent advice on RDM no matter who they ask.

Both PGR students and Professional Services staff have decided to follow up this session with actions of their own. For example, one PGR will try to organise their data better as they so that it will still make sense at a later date and various Professional Services staff will feed back to colleagues about the growing importance of good practice in RDM, especially from the point of view of the funding bodies.

Open Exeter will run a follow-up event which will look at University of Exeter RDM solutions and give practical advice to attendees.

We would like to thank the DCC for providing this training. You can find the presentations and materials used in the workshops here and there are many more useful RDM resources on the DCC website.

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This post was written by Hannah Lloyd-Jones on August 7, 2012

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