The pitfalls of using copyrighted materials in theses

Some of you may be interested in a short case study written by one of our PGRs, Duncan Wright of Archaeology, on trying to deal retrospectively with the issue of obtaining permission to use copyrighted visual material in his thesis:

Like many PhD students, Duncan only be came aware of copyright restrictions on reuse of materials towards the end of his research and now has the problem of trying to negotiate permission with multiple copyright holders for content that has become an integral part of his thesis.

He has the option of removing the offending material and submitting a redacted version to our repository (thesis deposit is mandatory) but clearly this will have an impact on how the intellectual value of the study is perceived and is therefore not ideal.

It’s short enough to give to new or 2nd year PGRs as a warning, so please feel free to reuse!

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This post was written by Jill Evans on August 13, 2012

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