The Holistic Librarian – Thing 22

Hi, I’m Patrick Overy and I am the subject librarian for Law and Business.

As part of the Holistic Librarian project I was asked to research 3 tasks connected with the management of research data.

Task 22 was to document “What advice I would offer a researcher in order for their research data to be discoverable and visible on the internet?”

What I knew about the topic beforehand:

Before the start of the Open Exeter project I was not very aware of the problems of researchers producing data and the challenges involved in archiving and providing continuing access to it.

Although I have been involved in populating ERIC, the institutional repository for several years, this has generally meant dealing with research outputs in the form of articles, working papers and reports, rather than the underlying data.

What I know now

What options are available for researchers to archive their data.

  1. There are facilities as part of ERIC
  2. At a national level the UK Data Archive has produced an extensive guide which covers all aspects of the production and archiving of data; (Managing and sharing data. 3rd ed (2011) Colchester: UK Data Archive
  3. Nationally and internationally there are subject repositories which may be a better solution, particularly if the research is collaborative and may be cross-border

How to ensure that their research is easily found by using the best metadata – see examples at  Choose the most appropriate search terms to describe the exact nature of the data so that it is obvious to researchers.

How researchers can make maximum use of research networks and social media to advertise the location of their research data.

How did I obtain this knowledge?

This advice comes from basic research on Google as well as the help pages associated with different online sources of advice in the UK and beyond – Digital Curation Centre to start with but also further afield, e.g. Michigan State University

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This post was written by Hannah Lloyd-Jones on November 30, 2012

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  1. Hannah Lloyd-Jones November 30, 2012 11:27

    Hi Patrick,

    I just wanted to add that ERIC, our current repository which is mainly used for publications, is soon to merge with our pilot data repository so that the data behind a research paper can be found with the paper. The repository will also be rebranded – we have recently held a competition for the best name and will announce the winner soon!

    All the best,


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