The Holistic Librarian – Thing 18

Hi, I’m Aeronwen Cole and I am the Subject Librarian for Archaeology, Classics & Ancient History, History and Modern Languages.

Task 18 was to document “Which factors could affect the Intellectual Property Rights of a dataset? Where can you find guidance on this?”

What I knew about the topic beforehand:

I knew that I should think about: Who created it; Where it was created; When it was created; Who funded the research out of which the dataset was created.

I would go to the Research and Knowledge Transfer (RKT) webpages for information on this topic.

What I know now:

I know that if a researcher is employed by the University then the data belongs to the University. I also now know that the IPR situation can be less clear cut when other institutions are involved.

How did I obtain this knowledge?:

I looked at the RKT and Legal Services webpages.

What else would I like to know about this topic:

I have previously received copyright questions from researchers concerning open access publications. In the future I may receive similar questions concerning datasets so I will keep an eye on the RKT pages for updates.

How did I find this task? How would I improve it?

I found this task difficult to research as I have never had any enquiries from researchers on IPR issues concerning datasets.

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