The Holistic Librarian – Thing 15

Hi. I am Anne Dinan and I am the Subject Librarian for Education, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Task 15 was : What advice could you give a researcher about naming and organising files and folders? How would you find out this information?

What I knew about the topic beforehand:

We all create and save documents all the time, but may not be doing so in a systematic and efficient way. Being better organised means that the documents can be found more easily.  The PC will run better if you regularly clean out files which are no longer needed as they take up unnecessary space.

What I know now:

It will save time and be more efficient to follow certain guidelines.   Some tips include:

Keep things simple. Be consistent.

Keep names short.  It is better to avoid long file names.  Create separate sub-folders e.g. draft 1, final draft.

Use numbers to name different versions of files e.g. Policy1, Policy2

Use dates to identify different versions e.g. Chapter 050911 = chapter from 5th September 2011, Chapter 0501212 = chapter from 5th December 2012

Avoid large folder structures.  If necessary, use an alphabetical menu which makes it simple to find files.

Separate ongoing and completed work.  Review work regularly and remove files which are no longer current to a different folder.

Always back up work.  Keep copy of files on desktop, USB, CD, or archive folder.

Make sure that your system of organising files and folders is acceptable and useful to others working with you.

Make sure that your way of storing files can be understood in the future.

How did I obtain this knowledge?

Some tips were given at a talk by Open Access and Data Curation Manager during Open Access Week in October 2012.

More help can be found on the web, including:

File organization tips from Microsoft

and Easy Computer tips.

What else would you like to know about the topic?

Other  tips and amendments might be made where necessary if future need arises.

How did I find this task?  How would I improve it?

It was useful to look at ways of storing information more effectively and efficiently.



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