IDCC 2013 – Workshop Tweets

The Open Exeter and Research360 JISC MRD projects ran a workshop at IDCC 2013, Designing Data Management Training Resources, on January 14th.  The following are some of the comments tweeted during the event:

  • In the training workshop at idcc13. Research360 & OpenExeter from the jiscmrd programme will tell us how to design RDM training
  • OpenExeter project started by doing an RDM survey to gather researcher requirements. For results see: … jiscmrd idcc13
  • idcc13 Hannah Lloyd-Jones from OpenExeterRDM giving us an intro to RDM work at Exeter. Started off with a survey and 50 interviews!
  • idcc13 OpenExeterRDM recognised that diff disciplines/groups/individuals like different approaches to training, feedback collection etc.
  • OpenExeter training reused existing materials e.g. UKDA – …idcc13 jiscmrd
  • Tips for training materials: clear objectives, know audience, use researchers to create materials, concise, easy to read, jargon free
  • Tips for training materials pt2: glossaries, take away materials (easy to pin up), online guidance should compliment sessions
  • Lots of interesting discussions taking place during OpenExeterRDM’s “Speed Dating” exercise! idcc13
  • Hannah L-J from jiscmrd Open Exeter mentions (excellent) holistic librarian blog posts ’23 things for RDM’  idcc13
  • Just been speed data dating at idcc13. Didn’t pull.
  • so much good info at Designing DM training coming too fast to tweet it! […] Bringing home lots of ideas idcc13
  • Data Mgmt Speed Dating: share skills you need for training; skills your researchers need. Need to do this in upcoming workshop! idcc13
  • First exercise at idcc13 training workshop ‘speed data dating’ was a bit frenetic but fun – good icebreaker ukdcc jiscmrd
  • OpenExeterRDM PhD students developed a research data management survival guide –jiscmrdidcc13 #ukdcc 

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