The Holistic Librarian – Thing 5

Hi, I’m Afzal, your Subject Librarian for Arabic, and Politics.

Task 5: What is our institutional policy on OA and RDM and how does it compare with other institutions’ policies? Are there any other institutional policies that affect research data management?

What I knew about the topic beforehand:

OA and RDM are major components at Russell Group Universities, and I assumed therefore that must be a university body that’s affiliated with a national organisation setting or coordinating national policy. I did not think there should be so much a ‘comparison’ as ‘coordination’.

What I know now:

Policy authorship at Exeter is the responsibility of  Open Access and Research Data Management Policy Task and Finish Group, formed in March 2012. I understand there’s one approved policy for PGR students and one for researchers in advance draft stage.  These can be read here.

Comparison of inter-institutional policies

The Digital Curation Centre gives guidelines on policy formation. The DCC  has collated policies from various UK institutions on data management, and can be seen here:

There are policies from non-UK bodies as well.

How did you obtain this knowledge?

I ran a search for OA policies on the Exeter University homepage. I googled OA RDM policies to find the DCC page.

What else would you like to know about the topic?

Is there a coordinated national objective?

How did you find this task? How would you improve it?

I found it straightforward. There might be copyright issues/conflicts involved. To improve the task, I’d put the task more simply. It’s rather beyond the means to ask for a comparison of institutional policies across the world.

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  1. Hannah Lloyd-Jones January 24, 2013 12:53

    Hi Afzal,

    The question also refers to “other institutional policies” e.g. other policies within the University of Exeter which refer to research data. Did you manage to find any of these?

    Thanks for your comment on the difficulties of comparing institutions’ policies – we will probably rephrase the question in the future to limit the comparison to a certain number of institutions, for example, to 3 UK Universities. In your research could you find any common themes/approaches to policies?

    Best wishes,


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