Dspace submission using Globus and SWORD2 – Update

We’ve made huge progress on our submission tool recently. We now have a prototype web app that collects metadata from users and uses Globus to transfer the files to our ATMOS storage facility before submitting them to Dspace.

I demonstrated this at the IDCC (International Digital Curation Conference) in Amsterdam last week and found many other delegates were either interested in the use of Globus or already had it at there organization BUT didn’t have it hooked into Dspace. Globus allows the user to create ‘endpoints’: data locations such as your laptop or PC that you can then transfer files from and to. The transfer happens asynchronously and as long as the endpoint hardware is on with Globus running, it will eventually complete and submit the entry in Dspace.

All this is added to the web app via an API and the deposit to Dspace as an atom request via SWORDv2. We have also implemented our Single Sign On (SSO) service.

We hope to have a finished prototype next month and aim to share our Dspace development with the wider community.


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This post was written by Ian Wellaway on January 25, 2013

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