Developing research data management guidelines at research group level

The Open Access and Data Curation team has been working with the Centre for Cognitive Control and Associative Learning (CCAL) to produce a set of draft research data management guidelines.

Myriam Mertens and Prof. Frederick Verbruggen used the UK Data Archive’s guide on Managing and sharing data: best practice for researchers and their Create and Manage Data webpages to help develop the guidelines for CCAL. The Marine Renewable Energy Group’s data management policy and procedures (which will soon be available in ORE) was also a useful resource.

CCAL’s draft RDM guidelines are a work in progress in the sense that the most pressing RDM concerns have been focussed on first, which are mostly around data collection. As new issues come up, the RDM guidelines will evolve. Myriam highlights the importance of consulting group members when developing RDM guidelines and says that on some RDM issues no consensus has yet been reached about best practices that work for everybody. She also believes that competing demands on research staff can be an issue in the implementation of RDM policy.

We’ll hopefully be blogging soon about other research groups’ experiences of developing and implementing RDM policy. A key message for research groups who are thinking about putting together their own guidelines is to try to be practical and flexible. Guidelines will evolve, but it’s better to have a draft document as a starting point than nothing at all.

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This post was written by Hannah Lloyd-Jones on July 18, 2013

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