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Data management plans – funder guides

Writing a data management plan (DMP) can be quite daunting, particularly if you haven’t had to write one before. At Exeter we already have a research data management website with guidance on writing DMPs. We also offer a service where we can advise researchers on draft DMPs.

In addition to these existing services we have now written a number of funder specific guides to help you write your DMP. These guides are adaptations of those previously created by the data.bris team at the University of Bristol.

We will update the guides from time to time to keep them up to date but if you have any feedback on them please feel free to email us at .

Data Management Plans

Many funders (RCUK, Wellcome etc.) now require that data management plans (DMPs) are included as part of the grant application process. Although the names may differ (for example the Arts and Humanities Research Council – AHRC – call their requirement a “Technical Plan”) the core requirements are very similar.

Areas covered in DMPS include: storage, back up, supporting documentation and metadata, long term storage and preservationsharing and legal and ethical issues.

If you are not sure how to complete your DMP or if you would like us to comment on a draft plan please contact and we will be happy to help you. If you would like us to comment on a draft we also like to see the Case for Support so that we can see the DMP in the context of the wider application. We ask for 10 working days to comment on a draft DMP but we usually reply within a few days.

We also provide a deskside service where we are able to come to your office and discuss your funder’s requirements with you. Contact if you would like to make an appointment.

Further information and help is also available on our website: http://as.exeter.ac.uk/library/resources/rdm/create/datamanagementplans/ and http://as.exeter.ac.uk/library/resources/rdm/create/datamanagementplans/datamanagementplanguidance/. Exemplar plans for ESRC and BBSRC are available via the former link.

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