T, D & C updates

Materials and notes from our Training, Development & Consultation meetings.

Course Priorities, 2019-20

Our course priorities are determined by our review and development processes, primarily:

  • Development and Consultation meetings with PSTs, ITECs and NQTs
  • Student survey feedback
  • Comments from our External Examiners
  • Course completion/performance data
  • English tutor and UVT team meetings and reflections
  • (this year only!) Ofsted feedback

Our key priority area in English for this year is trainee resilience. We are building in more emphasis on trainees managing their workload and their stress proactively, as well as continuing to advertise our Wellbeing services, and are explicitly encouraging trainees to seek support as early as possible. Last year we had a number of interruptions: many were for unavoidable reasons, but a minority might have been preventable if trainees had disclosed problems to us sooner.

In addition, we are continuing to focus on our ongoing priority areas of:

  1. Supporting students with EAL
  2. Communicating with parents and carers
  3. Use of data
  4. Recording and reporting pupil outcomes
  5. Working with other adults in the classroom

We are retaining our extra taught input on these areas, and we would also like you continue to help trainees to see some of the principles ‘in action’ in school. We’ve kept these as discussion priorities for your weekly development meetings (see page 5.)

We have also built in more explicit analysis of and thinking about the Curriculum – both in terms of curriculum theory and in relation to the English curriculum in particular. You might be interested to hear about the work done by the United Kingdom Literacy Association in developing an ‘alternative’ curriculum for English, available as a published book or a series of downloadable PDFs which you can access here:  https://ukla.org/resources/details/curriculum-and-assessment-in-english-3-to-19-a-better-plan

If you are discussing or revising your curriculum these provide some thought-provoking resources.

December 2019

Session slides including notes summarising discussion: english-tdc

Research Share: information from our UKLA KS3 Literature project: ks3lit-poster

Additional Materials: Alternative scales for progression in reading and writing, from the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education: clpe-reading-scale-rebrand-2 clpe-writing-scale-rebrand