Coming Events: Major English Conference in June

The ‘English Shared Futures‘ event in Manchester on Friday 26th June – Sunday 28th June is the major national English conference this year. It’s a joint enterprise between The English Association and University English, with NATE, NAWE, and the Institute of English Studies.

The programme includes a really diverse and exciting range of talks, workshops, salons, master-classes, research-in-progress sessions… It is particularly characterised by the fact that it brings together authors and literature/language experts (e.g. Ali Smith, David Crystal), and people who work primarily in English education, as well as the intention to make connections between English in secondary education and English in higher education.

It presents a really significant opportunity to get insight and inspiration, and to engage with real and developing research and a well-informed, critical and rounded understanding of the field (rather than the edu-bloggers, twitter-celebrities and book-peddler/strategy-salespeople that characterise some events).

The website mentions bursaries available – would be worth asking about this on their contact form!