Extending trainees

Trainees who enter enrichment and extension should use the time to ‘become outstanding’. The enrichment and extension Action Plan on FRAP4 tries to ensure that targets focus on impact on pupil learning and refining teaching skills.

We’ve provided some ideas in the documents below, but trainees should be steered during the E&E phase to focus on something that will significantly develop their understanding and practice, rather than just something ‘fun’ or ‘interesting’:

Ideas for enrichment& extension

And here are some ideas for specific targets to extend all trainees in the developing independence phase, even if they don’t officially enter ‘extension and enrichment’:

Extending Trainees in the Developing Independence Phase

If you’d like more guidance about what it means to be an ‘outstanding trainee’ to help craft the targets, you could look here: http://www.nasbtt.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Grading-Criteria-for-grading-the-trainees-overall-performance.pdf