Exeter Centre for Research in Writing: grammar and writing resources for teachers:

You might also be interested in the final report of our ‘Teachers as Writers‘ project: (This is a long document, but the executive summary is on pages 12-19 so you could just read that!)

We also have an archive of student writing which will be available for teachers and researchers to make use of:

 The Exeter Centre for Victorian Studies has been working on resources for teachers for teaching pre-20th century non-fiction texts, using writing by Thomas Hardy see:

Have you seen the fantastic resources for teaching literature created by the British Library? There are some particularly brilliant resources for Victorian literature, Gothic and Romantic Literature which have been arranged to tie in specifically to GCSEs.

Learning Sciences

Research-informed resources for developing a critical understanding of science of learning – what do we really know, what are the limits of that knowledge – and what are neuromyths and why are they so seductive?: