February 13th 2013

February 13th sees Jose Ruiz-Vicioso present David Hume’s ‘Of the rise and progress of the Arts and Sciences’.


Jose’s summary is as follows:

Writing in mid-18th Century, Hume addresses in this Essay the issue of the rise and progress of the arts and sciences. ‘Why a nation is more polite and learned, in a particular time, than its neighbours?’ he asks.

Hume relates the rise and progress of the arts and sciences with particular political regimes. He opposes free governments (republics) and non-free governments (barbarous monarchies) to explain how the first rise of the arts and sciences is only possible in the former. However, in some civilized monarchies (like France and other states under absolute rule) imitation of the free states has in some way equated them, allowing the rise and progress of the arts and sciences.

On the other hand, Hume engages in a defense of gallantry, one of the major topics of the century in Europe. Republics are more likely to develop the sciences while monarchies are more likely to develop politeness. In any case, Hume concludes, when the arts and sciences come to perfection in any state, from that moment they decline and seldom or never revive in that nation.

*Related reading: Hume’s essays Of refinement in the arts and Of commerce; Rousseau’s Discours sur les sciences et les arts; Montesquieu’s De l’espirit des lois.

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  151. Heejun Han: Born in 1989, Han picked Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting,” a straightforward ballad that should have been a slam-dunk performance. It wasn’t. Han, increasingly looking uncomfortable on the Idol stage, ran out of steam mid-song, and was so boring even his trademark snarkiness couldn’t save it. Jackson didn’t enjoy it, and told Han he was “pitchy and out of breath.” “It was the wrong song — not a great performance..” Lopez said she could tell Han was struggling, “but towards the end it got beautiful and felt his heart and soul.” Tyler repeated Jackson’s criticism, adding “It just wasn’t a great song for you.”

  152. With L.A. Reid commenting that Drew Ryniewicz “got the wrong mentor,” we had to know: who would have been her second place judge pick?  “Simon's always been my dream," says Drew, "but obviously LA is somebody I look up to almost as much.”

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    Don’t Miss:New Tenderloin beer barSlater over list for MavericksPics: Indications of Beale StreetMemories of my momBauer’s fave dishesThe theft of an trailer full of kayaks at Berkeley’s Aquatic Park is jeopardizing a youth program already can not stay afloat because of budget cuts.

    Someone made with the trailer containing 12 kayaks, 16 life jackets and 14 paddles between April 6 and 13. A clip was parked off Bolivar Drive, a dust road just east of Interstate 80.

    The thief probably hitched the white, unmarked trailer onto a truck or van, perhaps being unsure of that kids’ red, blue and yellow kayaks were inside or which the boats were utilised from the . The nonprofit group reaches over to lowincome youths ages 10-14 by using them interact with police and native businesses.

    A construction crew found several of the life jackets discarded in a very trash bin in East Oakland, but the kayaks five Cobras and seven Scrambler XTs are still missing. A clip and stolen equipment, the vast majority of it used, are worthy of nearly $15,000.

    “It’s a great loss for people,” said Fele Uperesa, the group’s program director.

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    The equipment is among the , the Berkeley group’s parent organization. The state organization, this lent the boats along with other groups in the community, told Berkeley Boosters on Wednesday it’s as much as these phones switch the kayaks. Insurance won’t cover the theft.

    , president in the , said, “The financial impact of replacing the stolen equipment [url=http://www.asanyos.com/]north face jacket[/url] could bankrupt the program, which is already cashstrapped because of reductions in city of Berkeley funding.”

    The town, which offers the majority of the group’s funding, has slashed its contribution by about 15 % in the last four years, officials said. The team also receives donations and foundation money.

    Berkeley information reviewing surveillance cameras in your community in which the trailer was [url=http://www.asanyos.com/]the north face sale[/url] stolen but have reported no leads.

    The kayaks was trapped in a similar lot over the past four years without incident, officials said.

    , executive director in the Berkeley group, had a simple message for whoever was responsible: “Give it back.”

    Rather then looking for money for the stolen items, the thief should return them on the youths, with no hassle, she said.

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    So, are those concerns legitimate? Are the feds focusing unfairly on black Democrats? It might appear that way to the nearsighted.
    Step back, however, and look around. Public corruption exists across the fruited plain, with in .
    While Machen and his prosecutors have been busy at work in the District:
    鈼廡wo Florida contractors were sentenced April 23 for paying bribes to secure $26 million in contracts from Broward County;
    鈼廇 former New Jersey school administrator was sentenced Dec. 10 for a bribery scheme in which he received payments, portions of which were passed on as bribes to the superintendent of the school district. (On Sept. 14, the superintendent was sentenced to 135 months in prison on federal charges.)
    Nor is corruption limited to big cities.
    鈼廇 former Pennsylvania state senator was sentenced to prison on Nov. 30 in Scranton on charges of mail and tax fraud.
    鈼廇 former city clerk of Thayer, in Neosho County, Kan., was sent to jail on Oct. 24 and ordered to pay restitution for bank fraud and money laundering.
    鈼廇 former member of the Arizona House of Representatives was sentenced to prison in June 2012 for wire fraud and tax evasion.
    Think the District has a corruption problem? The that the New York Public Interest Research Group had found that 32 current or former state officeholders have been convicted, censured or otherwise accused of wrongdoing over the past seven years.
    New York puts to rest the charge that only African American Democrats are under fire. In the Empire State, corruption crosses partisan and racial lines.
    Case in point: In April, the FBI and the U.S. attorney in Manhattan announced against a New York state senator, a New York City Council member and four others.
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    In the second scheme, the council member allegedly received about $18,300 in cash and $6,500 in straw-donor campaign contributions in exchange for agreeing to steer up to $80,000 of New York City Council discretionary funding to a company he believed was controlled by those who paid him. The final scheme involved the mayor and deputy mayor of the Village of Spring Valley in Rockland County and their alleged receipt of financial benefits, including the mayor s receipt of a hidden interest in a real estate project and the deputy mayor s receipt of about $10,500 in cash bribes, in exchange for official acts. All six defendants were arrested the same morning.
    Since that day in April, two other New York [url=http://www.latestfootballjerseys.com/boston-red-sox-c-1_10]Cheap Boston Red Sox Jerseys[/url] state lawmakers have been in separate corruption cases. They have pleaded not guilty.

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    The District is not alone.
    Oh, yes, as for the charge that The Post s editorial page pursues wrongdoers based exclusively on their African American ancestry and Democratic Party registration, please ask D.C. Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1), Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) what they think about that.

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    The boat turned over in rough seas north of Christmas Island, an Australian territory 500 kilometers (310 miles) south of Jakarta, Indonesia, Australia’s said in a statement.
    Two navy ships had earlier been sent to assist the vessel but were unable to board it due to bad weather. The ships were escorting it to Christmas Island, where Australia operates a detention camp for asylum seekers, when it flipped.
    Rescuers dropped life rafts into the water and plucked 144 survivors to safety. Four bodies were recovered and the search was called off Tuesday night, the border protection authority said. It did not say what happened to the other two passengers.
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    No legal intervention halted the execution of the 鈥淧rince of God,鈥?convicted killer and diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic John Errol Ferguson Monday.

    Florida executed the convicted mass murderer at 6:17 p.m ET Monday after the U.S. Supreme Court opted not to get involved. After more than 30 years on death row and back-and-forth legal wrangling, Ferguson died by at Florida State Prison.

    The 65-year-old was found guilty of murdering eight people, including two teenagers, in two different incidents in 1977 and 1978 following his release from a state mental hospital.

    In a last-ditch attempt to block the execution, Ferguson鈥檚 legal team appealed to the nation鈥檚 highest court. His lawyers argued executing Ferguson, who has suffered from a long history of severe mental illness, violates the Eighth Amendment s ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Ferguson believed that he was a 鈥淧rince of God鈥?and, upon his death, would rise up to save Americans from a communist plot.

    Working through the final hours, Ferguson鈥檚 attorney Christopher Handman maintained his client was 鈥渋nsane and incompetent for execution.鈥?
    鈥淲e are gravely disappointed that the U.S. Supreme Court denied John Ferguson鈥檚 request to clarify the standard for evaluating an individual鈥檚 competence to be executed and denied his request to invoke the Court鈥檚 categorical bar on the execution of the insane,鈥澛燞andman said Monday in a written statement. 鈥淢r. Ferguson has a documented 40-year history of severe mental illness diagnosed repeatedly by state doctors in state institutions. Mr. Ferguson has been profoundly mentally ill for four decades, pre-dating the crimes for which he is scheduled to be executed, but is now deemed suddenly and inexplicably cured.鈥?
    In the 2007 case Panetti v. Quarterman, the Supreme Court ruled that a convicted killer must have a rational understanding of why he or she is being put to death and the ultimate impact of execution: that is, death.

    The American Bar Association and The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) along with three Florida mental health organizations, filed amicus briefs in support of Ferguson, urging the Supreme Court to grant a stay [url=http://www.latestfootballjerseys.com/los-angeles-dodgers-c-1_22]Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys[/url] of execution. But the deadline for the Supreme Court came and went.

    鈥淭he death penalty is not constitutionally allowable as a punishment for John Ferguson because his delusions prevent him from understanding the nature of what is happening to him,鈥?said Ron Honberg, J.D., NAMI鈥檚 national director of policy and legal affairs in a press release. 鈥淭he constitutional principle does not excuse his crimes, but it does point to life without parole as the appropriate sentence.鈥?
    In May, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with an earlier ruling by Florida鈥檚 State Supreme Court, declaring that the 65-year-old still had a rational comprehension of the crimes and the reasons for the execution, and therefore, could still be eligible for execution. The federal appeals court wrote in its , 鈥淭hat most people would characterize Ferguson鈥檚 Prince-of-God belief, in the vernacular, as 鈥榗razy鈥?does not mean that someone who holds that belief is not competent to be executed.鈥?The court stated that he was 鈥渕entally competent to be executed despite his mental illness and the presence of a delusional belief.鈥?
    Baylor Johnson, a spokesman for the ACLU of Florida, told MSNBC in a statement, 鈥淭his execution comes at a time when there is already [url=http://www.latestfootballjerseys.com/cleveland-browns-c-115_442_450]Cheap Cleveland Browns Jerseys[/url] growing doubt about the accuracy, legality and morality of Florida鈥檚 death penalty system. Our state putting a severely mentally ill person to death in spite of the constitutional prohibition only serves to feed that doubt.鈥?He noted, Constitutional law is clear on this point: killing the severely mentally ill violates the Eighth Amendment鈥檚 protection against cruel and unusual punishment. And John Ferguson鈥檚 history makes it clear that he [was] severely mentally ill.

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott approved the death warrant last fall, [url=http://www.latestfootballjerseys.com/baltimore-ravens-c-115_442_445]Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys[/url] which initially scheduled Ferguson鈥榮 execution for October 16, 2012. But legal proceedings at the state and federal level delayed the execution.

    In June, Scott signed a bill into law, dubbed the 鈥渢he Timely Justice Act,鈥?aimed at the death penalty process.

    Ferguson became the to be executed in Florida during the 2013 calendar year.

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    CFB Conferences:CFB Teams:Darrell Royal, Mack Brown lead dominant eras Texas is something of football royalty and the fans know it. Just ask the Longhorns. Or better yet, ask fans of Texas A M.Being the top historical football program [url=http://www.wholesalenflapparel.com/]wholesale nike nfl jerseys[/url] in the top football state certainly has its perks, starting with your own television network (if even no one s able to watch it).Tease Texas at your own risk. With the Longhorns resources, tradition and access to the deep pool of Lone Star State high school talent, the Longhorns can dominate the college football landscape for decades at a time.In our series of the greatest time to be a fan of a school, rarely have our snapshots covered so much ground. Darrell Royal owned most of the 60s thanks to a pair of linebackers at first and the wishbone offense later. Then came Mack Brown in the 2000s to revive the Longhorns from their 80s- 90s malaise.Here are the best and worst times to flash the Hook em Horns.BEST TIMES TO BE A TEXAS FAN1961-73Record: 115-24-2National championships: 3Coach: Darrell RoyalNotable players: Tommy Nobis, Scott Appleton, Jimmy Saxton, Johnny Treadwell, Jerry Sisemore, Bob McKay, Bobby Wuensch, Bill Atessis, Bill Wyman, Roosevelt Leaks, James Street.This was the era that made Darrell Royal a legend. He and offensive coordinator Emory Bellard would change the offensive game, but the early part of his reign was marked my defense. The 1963 national championship team featured Outland winner Scott Appleton. A year later, one of the greatest players in Texas history, Tommy Nobis, stuffed Joe Namath to beat Alabama in the Orange Bowl to cap a 10-1 season. Nobis won the Outland in 1965. Royal and his staff became offensive innovators by [url=http://www.wholesalenflapparel.com/]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] 1968 by unveiling the wishbone offense. After going 0-1-1 in their first two games in the new offense, Texas reeled off 30 consecutive wins from 68- 70. In a thrilling Cotton Bowl, James Street led Texas to a 21-17 win over Notre Dame to win Royal s third national title in 1969. Texas won seven outright Southwest Conference titles from 1961-73 and shared two others with Arkansas.2001-09Record: 101-16National championships: 1Coach: Mack BrownNotable players: Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Derrick Johnson, Justin Blalock, Quentin Jammer, Derrick Dockery, Rodrique Wright, Jonathan Scott, Michael Huff, Brian Orakpo, Jordan Shipley, Earl Thomas, Jamaal Charles, Cedric Benson, Aaron RossTexas was one of the dominant programs of the decade, even if Longhorns fans were left wanting more. Texas was one of two teams to win more than 100 games during this span (Boise State was the other) as the Longhorns won 10 or more games in nine consecutive seasons. The 2005 team was the high point as Vince Young capped perhaps the finest quarterback career of the BCS era with a performance for ages to defeat No. 1 USC for his second Rose Bowl MVP. Texas also played for a title in 2009 but was never seriously able to compete with Alabama in the BCS Championship Game when Colt McCoy was knocked out with a game-ending injury in the first quarter. This was a successful era that would be the envy of any program, save perhaps, Texas. A bid for a third national title game was dashed by a Michael Crabtree catch for Texas only loss in 2008. The Longhorns won the Big 12 only twice, aided by a 4-5 record against Oklahoma. And even though Texas claimed a Doak Walker Award (Benson) and two Jim Thorpe awards (Huff and Ross), the Longhorns never brought home a Heisman.WORST TIMES TO BE A TEXAS FAN1986-93Record: 47-47-1Coaches: Fred Akers, David McWilliams, John MackovicThe demise of the Southwest Conference wasn t kind to many teams in that league. Texas was no exception. The Longhorns endured three losing seasons in five years under the hapless David McWilliams. Hopes were high for John Mackovic, but he was not a great fit. A 66-3 loss to UCLA in 1997 all but sealed his fate.1935-37Record: 9-26-2Coaches: Jack Chevigny, Dana BibleRemember when it was unthinkable for Texas to go 5-7? The Longhorns went through a three-year period in the 30s where they won a grand total of five games from 1936-38. The streak of four consecutive losing seasons remains the longest in school history.
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In 2010, preseason No. 10 Virginia Tech lost its opener to Boise State 33-30, but after a detour losing to James Madison the Hokies went on to win the ACC.And as for Clemson, a top-10 team that defeated another preseason top-10 team in the opener, good things may be on the way. The last two teams to accomplish that feat, Alabama in 2012 and LSU in 2011, played for national championships.Here s a complete list of top-10 teams that lost their openers and how they fared. Some quick observations follow below.PRESEASON TOP-10 TEAMS THAT LOST THEIR SEASON OPENERS SINCE 1998*denotes team that also lost its second gameYearLosing TeamWinning TeamLosing team s final record (bowl)2013No. 5 GeorgiaNo. 8 Clemson 2012No. 8 MichiganNo. 2 Alabama8-5, 6-2 Big Ten (Outback)2011No. 3 OregonNo. 4 LSU12-2, 8-1 Pac-12 (Rose)2010No. 10 Virginia Tech*No. 3 Boise State11-3, 8-0 ACC (Orange)2009No. 3 OklahomaNo. 20 BYU8-5, 5-3 Big 12 (Sun)2008No. 9 ClemsonNo. 24 Alabama7-6, 4-4 ACC (Gator)2007No. 5 Michigan*Appalachian State9-4, 6-2 Big Ten (Capitol One)2006No. 9 CalNo. 23 Tennessee10-3, 7-2 Pac-10 (Holiday)2005No. 7 OklahomaTCU8-4, 6-2 Big 12 (Holiday) No. 9 MiamiNo. 14 Florida State9-3, 6-2 ACC (Peach)2004No. 4 Florida StateNo. 5 Miami9-3, 6-2 ACC (Gator)2003No. 6 Auburn*No. 8 USC8-5, 5-3 SEC (Music City)2002No. 7 ColoradoColorado State9-5, 7-1 Big 12 (Alamo)2000No. 3 AlabamaUCLA3-8, 3-5 SEC1999No. 4 ArizonaNo. 3 Penn State6-6, 3-5 Pac-10 No. 9 Ohio StateNo. 12 Miami6-6, 3-5 Big Ten1998No. 5 Michigan*No. 22 Notre Dame10-3, 7-1 Big Ten (Citrus) No. 8 Arizona State*No. 18 Washington5-6, 4-4 Pac-10 Georgia is the SEC s first preseason top-10 team to lose its opener since 2003 Auburn when the Tigers lost to eventual AP national champion USC. The average record for preseason top-10 teams who lost their season openers is 9-4 overall and 6.2-1.8 in conference since 2002. All 12 of those teams made bowl games, but only two reached BCS games 2011 Oregon and 2010 Virginia Tech. Top-10 teams that lost in Week 1 during the BCS era are 12-5 in their second games of the season, but none turned around to face a second top-10 team as Georgia will against No. 6 South Carolina. Three of the teams listed above faced ranked teams after their top-10 loss: 2005 Miami lost to Florida State, but turned around to beat No. 20 Clemson, 1999 Ohio State lost to Miami but defeated [url=http://www.newfootballjerseys.us/site_map.html]nfl jerseys site map[/url] No. 14 TCU in Game 2, and 1998 Michigan lost to Notre Dame and defeated No. 19 Syracuse the following week. Of the 17 preseason top-10 teams that lost their openers, only six returned to the top-10 sometime during the season. Only one of those teams finished in the top 10: Oregon finished the 2011 season ranked fourth in the AP, only one spot lower than where the Ducks started in the preseason before losing to LSU. The top-five teams that lost their openers actually fared worse than teams ranked between sixth and 10th in the preseason. Top-five teams that lost in Week 1 went 57-31 (.648). Teams ranked sixth through 10th went 81-37 (.686). The top-five teams, though, are dragged down by the 2000 Alabama team that started the season No. 3 but finished 3-8. Without that outlier on their overall record, the top-five teams are 54-23 (.701). The best example of a second week hangover in a top-10 game situation is 2010 Virginia Tech. The 10th-ranked Hokies lost to No. 3 Boise State before losing to James Madison 21-16 the [url=http://www.newfootballjerseys.us]http://www.newfootballjerseys.us[/url] following week. In an ironic twist of fate, one of the more recent preseason top-10 teams to lose its opener was Clemson in 2008. The Tigers lost to No. 24 Alabama to start that season, which was the beginning of the end for Tommy Bowden. The Tigers fired Bowden midseason and replaced him with assistant Dabo Swinney, who led Clemson in its win over Georgia on Saturday. It s worth noting the last time Georgia started 0-2, the Bulldogs won the SEC East. In 2011, Georgia started the season with a 35-21 loss to Boise State in Atlanta and a 45-42 loss to South Carolina at home before reeling off 10 consecutive wins. Now what of the top-10 teams that defeated another top-10 team in their opener? It s happened six times with, in general, good results. Two teams preseason top-10 teams that began the season with a top-10 win ended up winning the national championship, 2012 Alabama and 2003 USC.PRESEASON TOP-10 TEAMS DEFEATING ANOTHER TOP-10 TEAM IN WEEK 1 SINCE 1998*denotes national championship teamYearWinning TeamLosing TeamWinning Team s final record (bowl)2012No. 2 Alabama*No. 8 Michigan13-1, 7-1 SEC (BCS Championship Game)2011No. 4 LSUNo. 3 Oregon13-1, 8-0 SEC (BCS Championship Game)2010No. 3 Boise StateNo. 10 Virginia Tech12-1, 7-1 WAC (MAACO)2004No. 5 MiamiNo. 4 Florida State9-4, 5-3 SEC (Peach)2003No. 8 USC*No. 6 Auburn12-1, 7-1 Pac-10 (Rose)1999No. 3 Penn StateNo. 4 Arizona10-3, 5-3 Big Ten (Alamo)  CFB Conferences: CFB Teams: 

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    FALL RIVER, Mass.聽鈥?A man already serving a life sentence in Washington state for killing a young married couple in聽 2007 pleaded not guilty聽today to killing a Massachusetts woman 25 years ago.
    A shackled Daniel Tavares, 47, was held without bail after pleading not guilty in Fall River Superior Court to the 1988 slaying of Gayle Botelho, 32, a mother of three.
    Botelho told her roommate she was leaving her Fall River apartment for a few minutes but never came back. Her remains were found 12 years later in the yard of a Fall River home where Tavares had lived. She had been stabbed to death.
    Botelho and Tavares knew each other, authorities said, and last year, a woman who had given Tavares an alibi changed her story. Tavares told authorities where to find Botelho鈥檚 body, and he had previously told police that she died during a 鈥渨ild party.鈥?br>
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    A judge in Massachusetts released him on personal recognizance while he was awaiting trial for assaults on prison guards, despite protests from prosecutors, who asked for $100,000 cash bail.
    Tavares had spent years in a Massachusetts prison for killing his mother before he was released early because of a paperwork snafu. He then married a woman he met through an inmate pen pal service and moved to Graham in Washington state just months before he killed聽.
    Police and prosecutors said Tavares was living with his new wife in a trailer close to [url=www.wholesalesportsjerseys.us]Cheap Nike Sports jerseys[/url] the Maucks鈥?home when he met the couple.
    Tavares went to the Maucks鈥?home around 7 a.m. on Nov. 17, 2007,聽to collect $50 he believed was owed him for a tattoo he was inking onto Brian Mauck鈥檚 back. Tavares was reportedly insulted because Mauck didn鈥檛 like the tattoo and didn鈥檛 want to pay for it.
    Tavares killed Brian Mauck, 30, first and then shot his 28-year-old wife as she tried to flee, according to court documents.
    Tavares to killing Beverly and Brian Mauck of Graham in November 2007. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.
    Tavares is due back in court in [url=www.wholesalesportsjerseys.us]wholesale sports jerseys[/url] Massachusetts Oct. 16.

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