Politics of Place publishes articles by current postgraduates and is open to research from across academic disciplines.

Submissions should follow MLA Guidelines and meet the required length of 4000-6000 words. Submissions must be written in English but the editors welcome submissions that concern texts written in other languages. Where non-English quotes are used, full translations must be included. Images can be submitted but only with consent to reproduce from the copyright holder. Politics of Place reserves the right to reject submissions that do not conform to these requirements. Articles should be sent as an attachment to the following address: .

All submissions will be reviewed by editors for their academic quality and relevance to the journal’s core themes. Initial decisions on whether articles will be considered at the next stage of the review process will be communicated to authors at the nearest possible opportunity. Unfortunately, editors are not able to provide individual feedback on the quality of submissions at this stage due to the high volume of work considered.

Those submissions that are sent forward to the next stage will go through a process of anonymous peer review. The final decision on publication will be communicated to authors as soon as possible. Articles selected for publication will follow a conventional process of sub-editing and proofing before appearing online. Work published in Politics of Place will be licensed to the journal and contributors will therefore retain copyright in their work. By submitting an article to be featured in the journal, contributors warrant that the work they submit has not been published previously and that it is their own.

In addition to articles, Politics of Place will consider creative submissions that engage with the journal’s themes. Also welcome are short commentaries (less than 500 words) on contemporary academic and political debates, which will be published on the Politics of Place website between editions of the journal. These should be sent to .

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