Spring is almost here!


When I first got to Exeter one thing I wasn’t looking forward to was the cold UK winters. Everyone knows British weather is notoriously unpredictable but I had read that the South was supposedly the “warmer” (or rather the less frosty) part of the UK. However once I got here I was told all I had read wasn’t quite true and heard tale upon tale about how cold it could get during winter.

Having lived all my life in warm and sunny Nigeria I was unsure of how I would be able to deal with the cold. I decided I wasn’t going to risk myself or the children getting frozen and stocked up on thermals, socks, gloves and even got an electric blanket. I was ready to face the cold and I waited anxiously for it

…and waited…and waited! Winter is more or less over and I am left thinking to myself “is that it?” Although my friend who’s lived in Exeter all her life had told me that winter never got that cold in Exeter I had reasoned that what may be “not that cold” to a girl from the UK may be a “ deep freeze”  to me. To be honest there were some days that got really cold but it was nothing close to what I had imagined…I barely used any of my thick socks and thermals and I will be sending the electric blanket to my friend in Scotland.  Perhaps I was just happy for something different from the 37 degrees on the average I normally get back home, whatever the case I am absolutely loving the cold! (Well, except the days when you almost get knocked over by the wind or it’s pouring rain).  It is lovely to be able to go for walks and not get scorched by the burning sun or not sweat unless you’re exercising and my skin absolutely loves the fresh cold air!

Talking about fresh air I haven’t much time much time to explore the beautiful University grounds, so I was happy when I had lunch this week with some classmates at Reed Hall. The building and its surrounding area is quite picturesque and the food was quite nice. After going there I have promised myself that I really must spend more time exploring the beautiful campus.

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