Time flies when you’re having fun!

My baby helping me out with an essay!

My baby helping me out with an essay!

I can’t believe I’ve been in Exeter for about 10 weeks already! Time sure does fly! It’s been a wonderful time filled with mostly highs and a few lows.

When I arrived I searched for a bucket in vain (at home we use buckets at lot for having baths, don’t ask me why it’s just what we do) and had to settle for a mopping bucket and take off the top. While I did find it a bit small it gets the job done.

First up I attended one of the Global café meetings and I was surprised to find that scones were not quite what I expected. Don’t get me wrong, they are quite tasty but in my head a scone felt and tasted like a hard, thick biscuit. I did quite enjoy them especially with jam and tea.

Then I met my Global Chum (Exeter does like Global stuff!) a lovely final year student called Jo. She had just come back from a year abroad (it’s a really cool thing most students can do in different countries) and was really busy but made time out to show me round Exeter and even took me to the lovely Quayside which had unbelievably gigantic seagulls.

Then of course I started my classes which have been quite interesting as my class is quite diverse and has people from Malaysia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, South Korea , Pakistan and of course Nigeria.

The only low point I have had was when my toddler took ill. He goes to nursery and must have caught some bug. It was heart-breaking to see him in such discomfort and was impossible to do anything else when he feeling so poorly. One night his temperature was so high that I had to take him to A & E. Thankfully he is doing well and is back to his normal cheeky self.

One of the great things about coming here with children is that I see a different dynamic to life in Exeter, family life. My daughter took part in the 5 nation parade and it was really cool to learn about Rugby and feel the vibe around being a host city for the Rugby World Cup. I’ve also met one or two lovely families who have helped me settle in and who I hope will become good friends.

Also I’ve been enjoying quite a little travel, in September I went to the picturesque city of Plymouth and in October I took the coach up to London and before the month ends I intend to go down to Totnes.

In later posts I will talk about my travels in more details, right now I need to put my toddler to bed and finish up an essay. Ciao!