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    These pages hold summaries of the fortnightly meetings, relevant links and materials, and further comments on what was discussed. Please get involved in the discussion and leave your own comments!

    24th November 2011
    Reading group discussion of texts

    10th November 2011
    Occupy and the Arab Spring
    Reading group discussion of texts

    27th October 2011
    David Graeber
    Reading group discussion of texts

    13th October 2011
    Reading group discussion of texts

    24 May 2011
    The Myth of the Neutrality of Freedom: Anarchism and the Question of the Animal
    Jess Gröling, Sociology and Philosophy, Exeter

    12 May 2011
    Subversive Technocrats: Lessons on Cooperation from the History of the Internet
    Chris Calvert, University of Exeter, Geography

    24 March 2011
    Transnational Radical Party
    Prof Claudio Radaelli (University of Exeter), Matteo Angioli (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Samuele Dossi (Exeter PhD student)

    10 March 2011
    No Borders
    Dr Nick Gill, University of Exeter, Geography

    24 February 2011
    The Anarchist, the Feminist, and the Queer: an Open Conversation
    Interactive panel with Dr Jamie Heckert (Anarchist Studies Network), Sarah Bulmer (Exeter PhD student), Gwendolyn Windpassinger (Loughborough PhD student), facilitated by Christie Smith (Exeter PhD student)

    10 February 2011
    The Radical Ideas of Peter Kropotkin
    Collaborative introduction by group members followed by open discussion

    27 January 2011
    Tagore’s University
    Chris Marsh, Exeter PhD student, English

    13 January 2011
    Perspectives on Process: Consensus Decision-Making and Horizontal Organising
    Jess Gröling (Sociology and Philosophy) and Cat Owen (Politics), Exeter PhD students

    9 December 2010
    Protest Politics at the Occupation / Right or Power: Spinoza and the Political
    Robin Dunford, University of Exeter, Politics

    25 November 2010
    The BNP in Community Development
    Dr Anthony Ince, University of Glasgow, Geography

    11 November 2010
    Work Ethic and the Academy
    James King, Exeter PhD student, English

    28 October 2010
    Val Plumwood: The State and the Explanation of Nuclear Technology
    Christie Smith, Exeter PhD student, Politics and International Studies

    14 October 2010
    Critical Theory and Radical Praxis within the Neoliberal University
    Kerry Burton, Exeter PhD student, Human Geography

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