Chef success

Amidst the chaos of daily life in the kitchen, an air of jubilation reigns as Chef de Partie Janet revels in the glory of her recent success at this year’s University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) Chef’s competition.

Her sumptuous three course menu had taste buds sizzling and impressed judges enough for her to scoop the bronze award in the Individual Major Chef of the Year category.

It comes as no surprise when you feast your eyes on Janet’s culinary offerings:

  • Butternut squash, sweet chilli and coconut soup
  • Seared pork fillet with pan fried black pudding and a West Country apple cider sauce
  • Clementine panna cotta served with cracked black pepper shortbread and strawberry mint salsa

Janet, who is rightly still bursting with pride, commented,

                “Although I have taken part in TUCO competitions before, I have never competed on my own. It was incredibly nerve wracking but I got lots of support from the rest of the team and was really pleased with my dishes. To actually come away with an award was fantastic”

A huge well done from all of us Janet and if there’s any going spare……

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