Accountability, performance management and inspection: how to enable positive responses to diversity?


11 July: 10am – 5pm: St Albans Centre, Leigh Place, Baldwin’s Gardens, London EC1N 7AB.

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  1. How do we think about the purposes, kinds and levels of educational accountability? Does accountability need a simpler and more coherent framework? What does ‘being good’ at provision for the diversity of pupils mean in practice? What sense can be made of the new proposed Ofsted framework based on this analysis? Dr Jonathan Roberts, LSE
  2. Where is the Ofsted framework going as regards provision for SEN/disabilities? Nick Whittaker Ofsted
  3. Should accountability for SEN/disabilities be separate or embedded within a general accountability framework?  Jane Starbuck, Regional Lead East Midlands and Humberside, Whole School SEND.
  4. How can accountability focus on personal and social emotional learning? What are the implications for outcomes focused accountability and its practical implementation? Prof. Robin Bannerjee, University of Sussex

Discussion questions:

  1. How can accountability be focussed beyond the academic core to cover greater breadth while also being more nuanced and flexible?
  2. How can an OFSTED framework be designed to reward positive responses to diversity?
  3. How can an accountability system give voice to the real experiences of children and young people with SEND?


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