1. The SEN Policy Research Forum made a submission to the House Commons Education Select Committee Inquiry on SEND: 14 June 2018.

Submission to download


3. This policy seminar has just taken place:

SEN Policy Research Forum policy seminar:

Policy for SEND and Inclusion: examining UK national and some European differences

19 June 2018: 10am – 5pm, St Albans Centre, Leigh Place, Baldwin’s Gardens, London EC1N 7AB.

How to get there at

The focus of this seminar is to examine national UK (4 home countries) and European (Netherlands, Denmark, Spain) differences in inclusive policy and practice.

The general aim is to ask: What can we learn from policy and practice in other countries?

We will be examining these questions:

1)    What steps are being taken to promote greater inclusion at national policy level?

  1.    What is inclusion taken to mean?
  2. What is the historical and ideological context?
  3. What evidence is there of impact?

2)    What is the role of local government/middle tier and other organisations (voluntary organisations etc) in promoting inclusion?

  1. And how is this influence achieved?

3)  How does the accountability system work and what is its influence on inclusive education practice?

4) How is the role of parental preference / voice, both individual and through parent organisations, in relation to governmental strategy and regulation?

We have  three confirmed speakers who have agreed to present are:

  • Chris Robertson (University of Birmingham) will present a comparative account of England, Scotland, Wales and N.I)
  • Alfons Timmerhuis (Lid College van Bestuur) will present account of Netherlands system.
  • Professor Niels Egelund and Camilla Brørup Dyssegaard (Denmark) will present an account of Danish system.
  • Cecilia Simón, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

There will be small group discussions after both morning and afternoon presentations.

There is no charge for this seminar, but there is a limited number of places. Please reserve a place at

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