Changes in SEN / disability provision, pressures on ordinary schools and parental choice: a review of inclusive education and its prospects

30 January 2018: 1.30 for 2-5pm, St Albans centre, London

  1. Summary of recent trends research – rising special school placement, an academisation effect?: Dr Alison Black, University of Exeter, Graduate School of Education (has undertaken research on these placement trends)
  2. Pressures on ordinary schools: Lizzie Harris:   Acting Head: Tollgate Primary School (Newham)
  3. Parental perspectives on choice and inclusion: Jayne Fitzgerald (Strategic Lead: Rotherham Parent Carer Forum) with Claire-Marie Whiting (Educational Psychologist)
  4. A Local authority perspective:  Jenny Andrews: led inclusion developments in Manchester as Deputy Director of Child Services till 2014.

.There is a new Assessment policy paper ready to be downloaded.

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