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Sustainable Heating: Implementation of Fossil-Free Technology

Heating our homes and community buildings is essential to the comfort of the people who live, work and play in them. At the same time, decarbonising presents a major challenge for our efforts to address climate change. Heat accounts for around a third of all carbon emissions in the Interreg 2 Seas region, with the region reliant on fossil fuels that increasingly have to be imported and which have rising costs. SHIFFT will look to find and apply the most cost-effective solutions to deploy and use low carbon alternatives whilst offering the security of warmth for building users.

The building sector is seen as key to EU Member States achieving zero carbon economies. Despite this, progress with driving down carbon emissions associated with heating has been slow. SHIFFT aims to make it easier to find the best solutions to adopt in our communities. The SHIFFT partners will work with local communities in three ways:

  1. City Strategies
  2. Heat in Communities
  3. Delivering Low Carbon Heat