Interview: SPA Subject Chair Theo Stone

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Theo Stone is Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology Subject Chair. We chat to him about his plans for the coming year.

Introduce yourself!

I’m 18 and slowly completing my first year of Philosophy. Among my various extra-curricular activities, I currently serve as one of the Online Features Editor for Exeposé and I can also play a few instruments to a questionable level of quality, which I currently do in the Symphony and the Concert Band.

Could you tell us a bit about your role as Subject Chair and what it entails?

My role as Subject Chair means that I oversee the departmental Student Staff Liaison Committee in order to ensure that the academic representatives are able to successfully do their jobs. This means that I am required to chair the meetings that are held by the aforementioned SSLC, assist on any movements on any relevant issues, and oversee campaigns that have been instigated by the committee.

What do you enjoy about your role?

The main area of enjoyment arises from the fact that it means that I can help to make a difference within the confines of the SPA department, as well as the fact that I can play a part in ensuring that the department maintains its exceptionally high standards.

What are your main aims for this year as Subject Chair?

One of my primary aims is to get rid of some of the ‘Committee Apathy’ that seems to permeate large swathes of the student population. Part of my plan to combat this involves bringing the SPA SSLC onto Social Media. We now have a Twitter feed, and there’s a Facebook page/group in the works. Alongside this, I’d like to ensure that we see a greater turnout with the National Student Survey, seeing as how turnout numbers within this particular department haven’t exactly been favourable in recent years when compared to numbers in other departments.

Another aim is to ensure that the SPA SSLC is able to reach its full potential over the next academic year. This year we’ve seen Politics lead the charge in a number of areas. Pavel Kondov and his team have done an amazing job for this year and they’ve had a phenomenal amount of success with registration for the General Election, the Bulgarian Elections, and the ‘Basics of British Politics’ project. It’d be great to see SPA reaching the same giddy heights next year. If an opportunity arises for us to make a difference, I’m going to go ahead and grab it by the horns and not let go.

How do you balance your role alongside your academic work and other activities?

More tea than I’m willing to admit.

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