5 important tips for SPA graduates

Graduation isn’t all about goodbyes – there are plenty of ways to stay connected to the University! Check out these tips to find out how you can continue to benefit from services offered at Exeter:

1. You have access to My Career Zone for 3 more years!

This means you’ll be able to access their resources and search for internships and jobs even while you’re not in Exeter. All of the details on careers services you can access once you graduate are available here.

2. Exeter alumni continue to get special access to library resources!

While you might not miss spending hours puzzling over what floor the Communist Manifesto is on or getting annoyed at someone for eating crisps in the silent study rooms the library can continue to offer you learning opportunities after you graduate. Exeter alumni have free access to online resources like JSTOR and becoming a member means you can still take out books from the library and use inter-library loans!

3. Join the Exeter Alumni groups on social media

Don’t forget to join the Exeter alumni group on LinkedIn – it’s a great way to stay connected and there could be potential for a career boost if you’re lucky! There’s also a Facebook and Twitter page to stay up to date with.

4. Make the most of Graduation Week

Sadly this could be the last time you and all of your course friends are all together. Since most SPA graduations will take place early on in the week you’ll have plenty of time to party and take photos – enjoy!

5. Be proud!

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You’re now joining an enormous and diverse group of incredible Exeter alumni. Just don’t forget where it all began and remember that there are all kinds of opportunities the University can offer its graduates after they leave.


Gemma Joyce

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