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An introduction to the Philosophy Society

Dan Mason, President of the Philosophy Society, offers you an introduction to what you can expect in the coming year.

The Philosophy Society is unique because of the nature of the subject. Since philosophy provides the foundation (obviously or not) to all human intellectual endeavor, the Society is uniquely placed to offer speakers on a wide variety of topics and to collaborate with a wide variety of other societies and groups. It is an incredibly tight-knit group, and a very friendly and welcoming one.

As a fresher I went to nearly all the Philosophy Society events and became friends with the committee and the regular attendees. The Exmouth beach event at the end of Freshers’ Week was very enjoyable, and helped me to get to know the other members better.

I found that I had such a wonderful time with people, and such a passion to see the Society succeed that I wanted to be in a position where I could try to make that happen, so I decided to run for President, and was elected this year.

In the coming year I want to see the Society grow, to see more people coming to our events and socials and also see more people contributing to our THINK! journal. The Society will definitely involve a wide variety of speakers and social events alongside more intellectual debate and work amongst those that feel confident enough to do so.

Above all, expect a warm and friendly atmosphere where your opinion is counted, even if it isn’t agreed with, which let’s be honest is why philosophy exists.

You can find the Philosophy Society on Facebook here and Twitter here.


Gemma Joyce


What SPA students think of studying at Exeter

We asked students what it’s like study to study Sociology, Philosophy or Anthropology at Exeter. Here’s what they said!

Dan Mason, BA Philosophy, Year 1:

“Studying Philosophy at Exeter is a fulfilling experience: the subject has a lot of freedom and it rewards hard work and determined effort. The department contains world class staff ready to support us students.”

James Beeson, BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Year 2:

“Studying Philosophy at Exeter has been a challenging but rewarding experience. I have really enjoyed the wide variety of modules on offer, and found the topics to be stimulating. The seminars are always well prepared and led, making for an enlightening experience.”

Katharina Becker, BA Philosophy and Sociology, Year 3

“What makes studying Philosophy at Exeter so great is the lecturers; they’re all simply fantastic people. Also studying Philosophy at university is probably the last time you can concern yourself with things most people find trivial such as what human nature is and what matters most to us existentially.”


Gemma Joyce, Jason Chang and Ciarán Daly