New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s New Year’s Day and with a new year comes a fresh start. Yes, we all know what New Year’s Day means – New Year’s resolutions. But what to make your new resolve? You’ve already tried that no chocolate thing; that never lasts long. Studies say cocoa is good for the heart anyway. Maybe, you think to yourself, it’s time to get more involved, to spruce up your CV. If that’s you, here are six ways that you can get more involved in the university related to your degree!

Students As Change Agents
This is a scheme where you get to create your own projects and shape your university experience the way you want. Got an ambitious idea to reshape a course content? Want to work with lecturers to solve a common issue together? Then put it into action! Jason, one of your editors on SPA Undergraduate News, runs a project called Global Exe that deals with conflict resolution and cultural integration through interactive theatre. It’s been running for 2 years now and attracted participants from 4 different continents! Interested to start your own Students As Change Agents project? Then contact: to let them know of your plans!

Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology Twitter Accounts
Twittering for new topics to discuss over the coffee table? Then check out this list of Twitter accounts by organisations around the globe that bring you the latest research findings!
@socwomen (Sociologists for Women in Society [SWS]) – Great place to lookout for news regarding feminist research and activism for women throughout the globe.
@soc_imagination (Socio Imagination) – Discover fun articles on their columnists’ favourite Sociology books; advice for studying sociology; academic life in sociology and much more.
@wileyanthro (Wiley Anthropology) – Keen to discover new books and even exclusive online access to major anthropological publications across the world? Then Wiley’s the place to go!
@anthroworks (Anthropology Works) – The anthropology of life is an everyday phenomenon. @anthroworks brings you stories from around the world and unpacks it from an Anthropological angle.
@philosophynow (Philosophy Now) – International magazine discussing ideas – from the philosophy of gossip to Marxism. Anything you can think of, they’ve got it.
@oupphilosophy (Oxford Philosophy) – This is actually the philosophy team from Oxford University Press, bringing you insights on philosophy through book excerpts, free online articles and even fun news around the globe like the philosophy of Star Wars!

Buddy Scheme
The SPA Buddy Scheme is a programme designed to help new students feel comfortable at the university. Second, third, and fourth year students studying within our department are paired up with first year students to give advice on studying, campus life, and provide links to services such as the Wellbeing Centre and departmental staff. It’s a great way to give back and help students in a new and overwhelming situation. It also looks great on your CV! If this sounds like something you want to get involved with, applications for new mentors will be sent out at the end of term. Get in touch with for more information.

Events held at the university are a great way to gain new information about careers, current research, and your degree. Careers events are specific to your needs and can be chosen among degree-related advice or skills building. Keep tabs on the events that you sign up to, because some may be applicable toward your Exeter Award! To sign up to a careers event, log onto and check out what they have to offer.
Research talks are a great way to understand more about current events and debates, and may help you decide what you want to do for your dissertation or career. Information about these talks are generally circulated via email through departmental office mailing lists. Keep an eye out and take note of anything you might be interested in!
Degree-related talks give specific advice to those studying in certain areas, and are helpful to those who aren’t entirely sure of what they want to do after university. For example, Jess Wiemer is leading a Students As Change Agents project to organise an event for anthropology students who want to get involved in research at the beginning of March. Topics covered will include advice on publishing, fieldwork, and internships. For more information, contact Jess at

The University of Exeter has its own journal geared towards undergraduates, the Undergraduate Exeter. It is an interdisciplinary journal, and is the perfect way to get your writing noticed and boost your CV! If you are feeling exceptionally proud of an essay you have written, or even simply trying to branch out into writing about subject areas you are interested in, the Undergraduate is a great place to start! The journal added in a new Social Sciences section for print just last month, so it is a brand new opportunity for Sociology and Anthropology writers! If you are interested in submitting an article, visit All pieces should be written in Microsoft Word and limited to 3000 words.

Societies are a great way to meet like-minded people and have some fun! Both the Philosophy Society and the Sociology and Anthropology Society run fantastic events and socials throughout the year. If you like the experience, you can even run for a committee position for the following year! Sign up for membership to the societies through the Guild website at

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