Dissertation Tips

Are you heading into your 3rd year and would like to know about writing a dissertation? Or are you just interested to know what it feels like throughout the year long experience of formulating your own work?

Then check out the following tips and highlights of my year-long journey writing my personal research piece!

#1 – Start early!

Don’t leave the preparation or formulation of ideas till the start of the semester. Your final year is quite a step up from the year before, and having a head start with a clear idea of what you want to do will help you relieve some of those weight.

#2 – Get the administration out of the way!

You will want to focus on content, research and the actual writing itself, not on completing administrative papers or logistics. If you already have a clear idea of what you would like to do, head to your relevant staff members to get ethical, funding or logistical approval. This way, everything is in place to give you a piece of mind to conduct your piece of research.

#3 – Research, research, research

Whether you are heading into the field for research or doing a literary review, the time you have from the summer months to November are crucial to get your results in place. I completed all my research and had all my results in place by July, such was my over-enthusiastic drive to make sure my dissertation wouldn’t take up too much time during term time.

#4 – Meet your professors

Knock on their doors, send them emails… make sure you meet up with professors who aren’t your dissertation supervisor. They are crucial in getting an encompassing view on your research and provide useful insights to things you might have never thought of.

#5 – Quadruple check with your friends and family

They might not have expertise in your field, but what I’ve learnt most is that friends who might not study the same subject or who have a different life experience to yours can point out mistakes you might never notice. Imagine them as lawyers reading your dissertation – they scrutinise and give you insights to the way your grammar and vocabulary is structured and what makes this brilliant is that your piece of writing is not only academically sound, but it can also be understood by the public.

All the best to the next batch of dissertation writers!

Jason Chang

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