A Brief Guide To Studying in Cornwall

“Wow, your Uni is so far away!” is something I hear whenever I let loose the fact that I study in Cornwall, be it from family, friends or complete strangers who are just making polite conversation, not thinking it’ll be somewhere that far away. Maybe that’s part of the reason why studying at the University of Exeter IN Cornwall lured me all the way here – it’s quite far, especially for international students like myself coming from different countries that takes hours on a stuffy airplane, followed by a long train or car journey after. The travelling can be pretty crazy, but it’s worth it once you reach campus and you’re immediately greeted with fresh air and pretty views. The campus itself is pretty modern, although some buildings such as Tremough House has a long running history with lots of character to them – in a way it’s a cool balance for most people!

There’s a reason why we call Falmouth ‘Falifornia’, and that’s because of the lines of palm trees you see as you drive through the area! You could head down to the beach if there’s a good day (although many of us would just go down there in the cold anyway) just to grab some fresh air, surf or swim. I’d recommend a wetsuit if you’re always cold like me though. Some are pricey and might cost you a piece of your soul, but think of it as an investment; it’ll be worth it. Falmouth has lots of small, artsy cafes too and it’s always a really nice vibe when you just sit and chat with friends. I remember sitting down in Expressini after my exams with three of my flatmates and ordering some cake and drinks which was a really relaxing experience after stressing over work for so long. Sometimes, okay maybe more than sometimes, it also called for aesthetic and pretty Instagram posts of the interior décor they have in them, but hey. I’m not the only one guilty of that!

The transport links are great and easy to get to because everything’s so close together which makes my life ten times easier, and especially since being a student here gives you a good perk of having to pay only a pound on the bus – you just have to show your student ID and you’re set which is pretty great! If you wanted to head to some ‘bigger brand’ shops such as Topshop, Lush and Waterstones, there’s always Truro for you to go explore in plus you can also visit the only cathedral in Cornwall too while you’re at it; lots of history right at your doorstep, plus it makes for random fun facts that you can pop up at the next big family gathering. They sometimes have cool fayres too in the marketplace and I’ve walked in there to see them selling small random items that I would probably not do much with but I’d still get it anyway. The cinema down here does amazing discounts too and I’ve seen so many films with my friends it’s insane but I’ve kept all of my ticket stubs.

For some reason, living in Cornwall and studying at University here makes me feel calm and relaxed. That’s not to say that I’m not sometimes stressing out over my essay deadlines and reading, but the atmosphere you get down here is a lot different than what you may get going to another university that’s in a more ‘city-like’ environment! It’s vibrant and full of colour and although it might not be for everyone, you really start to appreciate the quirky things that go on down here which is why I enjoy studying so far away from home.

   November 17th, 2017    Cornwall, International, Life in the South West, Life on Campus, Penryn Campus

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