Applying for the MA International Film Business programme: the timeline

The application process for Masters in International Film Business is not complicated, however, you should start a few months in advance. The good news is once you create your profile in the system it allows you to update each section at your own pace, go back and forth through the steps, and once you are satisfied and have completed it all then you can hit submit.

November – December Start filling the application form by first creating a user profile on the official website of the University. Make sure you read all the requirements. For the application process you will require these documents:

  •  A motivation letter
  • An updated CV
  • Official documents from your undergraduate
  • Proof of English Proficiency (international students whose native language is not English are required to take either the TOEFL or the IELTS test). Bear in mind the specific score requested. (Depends on the type, of course, you are choosing to pursue)

January – Application Submission: Make sure you submit your application by January as the University will take time to make their decision.

February – Acceptance Letter: Once you are notified that you are accepted in the university (which is usually one month and a half later, in most cases) you need to think about accommodation. They will also ask for the deposit fee** (usually 1500 pounds-which will be adjusted with your tuition fee later), which will secure your offer. Try and arrange the funds as soon as possible.

March – Accommodation: It is hard to find accommodation since its a short term in Exeter and longer in London. It is advisable to apply in student accommodations/ INTO (accommodation offered by the university) around March and April. June Visa: You can apply for your visa 3 months before your date of travel. Since the course starts in September, you should be able to start applying for your visa in June. The process to apply for a visa, the visa getting approved and it coming back to you will take at least 2 months.

Make sure you have enough time to carry out the visa process carefully. Read the visa requirements carefully when you apply and make sure you prepare all the necessary documents beforehand.

August – Pack: Start packing and get ready to leave! It is almost time, and by now you should start preparing all the things you want to carry from home.

**In case you are a Chevening scholar, you may be exempt from paying the deposit fee. You can request them to secure your offer and exempt you from paying it immediately.

For Chevening Scholarship Application Process:

July- September – Started application
February – First round – selected to interview
June – Conditionally selected

June – Finally awarded with the scholarship

Note: if you’re keen to apply to Chevening Scholarship, start with plenty of time and I mean give yourself enough time to do it. It’s a rigorous process, it’s long, it requires to write 4-5 essays, to answer questions wisely, so it can be definitely exhausting. Moreover, I strongly advise you that do not leave your submission to the last minute, so in any case, you experience any difficulties in uploading the documents you have time.



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