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I’m a Masters student studying Mining Engineering on the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus. I grew up in Sub-Saharan Africa, living in Zimbabwe and then Zambia. I moved to London for a year before starting at CSM and studied a business degree in economics with law and information systems in South Africa before that. My blog may be well suited to international students as it will be my first time studying in England, adapting to the lifestyle and culture, managing a long distance relationship, pursuing opportunities and undoubtedly making numerous mistakes along the way. I hope reading these posts will ensure you avoid the same pitfalls.


From application to internship, Africa to England and back again

When I touched down in the UK for the first time after a life in Sub-Saharan Africa, I had so many expectations and insecurities on adapting to life in the country. Fortunately the world is not so different as we sometimes think. After a month in Surrey, I departed the bucolic setting to satisfy my yen for a city life in one of the greatest cities on earth, London! Skipping through some hard times and now one year later, things have worked out in many ways, significantly I have found an invaluable partner and some stability in the big city; but it seemed the right time to take the next step, which is when I applied to the University of Exeter.

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