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Hi! I’m Rebecca, an English and History student from Essex and brand new blogger. Unsurprisingly I’m a massive bookworm, but I also love film, theatre, music, quotes, baking, art, dance, period drama, the colour purple and most importantly Cornwall. As I embark upon the rollercoaster (which I happen to be terrified of) that is university life my aim for this blog is for it to be as varied as my university experience thus far. So from essays, to parties, to lazy Sunday afternoons- it’s going to be an adventure.

10 Reasons Why My Degree is the best thing I’ve ever done: no matter the outcome

My degree has officially been over for a few weeks now, and in between reading of anything I can get my hands on, seeing friends and returning overdue books to the library – I have been thinking about the partial list I made in my head during peak dissertation stress regarding reasons why my degree has been worth it, no matter the outcome. So this afternoon armed with a coffee, my typewriter and a huge heap of nostalgia I wrote them up and now it’s time to give them a home.


   June 13th, 2018    Cornwall, Graduation, Lectures and Seminars, Penryn Campus, Studying, Undergraduate

Tate St Ives Free Opening Weekend

Tonight, you may find me baking a chocolate cake, whilst Coast plays in the background, but on Monday I was attending one of the open events for the Tate St Ives. The gallery fully reopens this weekend after a massive refurbishment and the addition of a large extension and more important than any of the above… it’s free this opening weekend.

St Ives, in general, is always good for a day trip, the light, the colour of the water, the food, the beaches- I could go on. With train tickets using a 16-25 railcard are around the £5.40 mark it even fits in with the ever-tight student budget, I’d recommend going as soon as you get the chance because it’s the kind of place where you feel like you’ve been on holiday for the afternoon, thus making it worth the one and halfish hour journey, this weekend you can also take advantage of a Cornish cultural landmark.


   October 16th, 2017    Cornwall, Life in the South West

And we’re back!

The sun is shining, the campus is busy again, lectures have started… Here we go again. Starting my third year, I’ve noticed that there is far less nervous energy around, and much more a sense, and I quote from my lecture this morning, that “it’s good to be back to normal”. A semi-nostalgic sentiment considering that only for the next 9 months will this indeed be ‘the norm’, but before I get too emotional about the fact the finish line is in sight- a bittersweet realisation- or make panicked to do lists of all the things I haven’t got round to yet, let me tell you about my journey back in time this weekend.


   October 2nd, 2017    Penryn Campus

Artistic Sensibilities

Turn the corner of the complicated interior for the photography institute (well complicated for an Exeter student who had no idea where she was going!), pass the ever-growing stream of people holding bold star-spangled red magazines and you find the launch of Subculture – the newest student-led print publication.


   October 2nd, 2017    Life on Campus, Penryn Campus

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