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Hi! I am Vanshika from India. I am a postgraduate student doing my Masters in International Film Business, a course that is a University of Exeter and London Film School collaboration. I had completed my under graduation in Film and Television production and worked for a few months until I realised I need to learn more about the business of films. I love travelling and exploring new cities and countries. I love to meet new people and learn about new cultures. This course has already given me a very multi-cultural experience with my cohort from all over the world. In my blogs I will share all that I have experienced and will experience in future!

Tips for International students coming to University of Exeter: MAIFB

It can be really scary and exciting at the same time, to go away from home and study in a new country. It is overwhelming to experience different cultures and people from all around the world. The MAIFB course is one such course where you would have a mix of students from different parts of the world. It helps broaden your knowledge about how people differ in different regions and parts of the world. Coming from a country like India, I made friends from the Caribbean, China, America and different parts of Europe. From my experience I can tell you that it is the most enriching experience of my life. But even before I got here, I had a lot of unanswered questions in my mind. Even though I found my way through, I wish I had known a few things before I landed in UK. So here are some tips: (more…)

   August 8th, 2019    Freshers Week, International, MA International Film Business, Miscellaneous, Preparing for University, Studying, Studying abroad, Year Abroad

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