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Hi! I'm Aleeha, a postgraduate student from Lahore, Pakistan. I'm doing an MRes in Anthropology. Most of my time alternates between mad harried snatches of research work, attempting to cook (for one, regrettably), reading , and walking around Exeter armed with protective rain gear. I'm hoping to chronicle the experiences I have in the time that I'm here (hopefully through humour and food), and give you a little window into what it is like to study and live in Exeter.

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Hi All! I’m Anne, an (extra!) mature student and postgraduate studying MA English Literary Studies/Film Studies Pathway. My degree was in BA (Hons) Photography, and I graduated in June 2019 from Plymouth College of Art. It’s exciting and also daunting coming to such a huge campus from such a small college; I’m finding my way slowly though, and I keep finding myself in awe of this amazing university! I feel very lucky that, at my age (52) I have accomplished a bachelor’s degree, and am now here... pinch me, I’m dreaming! I’m a part-timer, so I spend a lot of time at my home in Totnes, where I live with my sister and elderly borrowed cat. (It’s a long story)... When I don’t have my head buried in a book, I love cooking, gardening and growing lovely veggies, I teach Argentine Tango, have two volunteer jobs and a part-time retail job. I try to still find time for my creative photography and film-making practice, and I also write for Lightbox: The Creative Collective.

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My name is Anastasia, I'm 20 years old and a third year Medicine BMBS student at the University of Exeter. I have come straight from finishing my A levels in Bristol, and am adjusting to life in a new city and getting to grips with one of the most challenging courses Exeter has to offer. I work part time in Superdrug, I enjoy going to the gym and running around the city, and spending time with new and old friends. My experience here so far has had its ups and downs, far from plain sailing. However, I'm learning and changing all the time and in this blog I promise I'll be brutally honest about it all, for your entertainment.

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Web Officer at the University of Exeter since February 2019. Prior to this I was an Accommodation Coordinator with over five years experience.

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Final year student studying BA Modern Languages (French and German with Spanish), having recently finished a Year Abroad spent all over Europe, but mostly spent working as an English Language Assistant in Orleans, France. If you are bored, looking for time to kill or actually interested in what this early twentysomething has to say about life in general, then do have a read. Though I warn you, if you're looking for high-class, Pulitzer prize-winning, generation-defining political reports, then I'll probably be a disappointment. On the other hand, if you're looking for written conversations with myself about all the things that delight and peeve me in my life, then I hope I won't be.

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Hey there! I’m Dede Yocum, a 21 year old postgraduate student from Tampa, Florida studying International Management. As a major history buff, I’m thrilled to be living in such a beautiful and storied country. If you’re looking for honest reflections of my time in the UK (including embarrassing moments of culture shock, attempts at conquering the hills on campus, and investigative work on Exeter’s best vegetarian foods), then you’ve come to the right place! My hope is to provide a bit of insight and humour to those considering the University of Exeter—whether from the UK or abroad. Follow along on what I’m sure will be one of the most exciting years of my life! Happy reading!

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Hello! My name is Emma. I am a part-time MA Creativity: Innovation and Business Strategy student. I also studied my undergraduate degree in English at Exeter. I spend my time networking, writing, and taking pictures. I also enjoy writing poetry on obscure subject matters and bargain hunting for vintage clothes. I work part-time as a supervisor at Paperchase and can be often found there ogling at the luxury leather-bound journals. I’m hoping that my blog can give some guidance to new and prospective students as someone who has been living in Exeter half their life and studying at the university for nearly four years now.

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My name is Ellie, I’m a third year Sport Scientist and Senior Women’s Captain at Exeter University Boat Club. Coming from Cheshire or “the north” as most of my uni friends like to call it, a day in Exeter isn’t complete without somebody from Surrey trying to imitate my accent. When I’m not being mocked at the boat club I volunteer with UK Sport running talent identification and Exeter City Football Academy as a nutrition intern. Or, I completely contradict all the advice I’ve just given and make my friends a cake. This blog will follow my sporting experience at Exeter, and hopefully encourage sports participation at a high performance level.

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Hi there! My name is Libby and I am a first year BA English student. As my choice of degree may indicate, I love to write and have been blogging for a couple of years. Posting about university life is a fresh challenge and I hope for my submissions to cover any issues that particularly resonate with me, whether that be the practical, academic or social side. In what little spare time being a student allows I maintain huge passions for music, travel and literature and I’m sure I will find any way possible to include these in what I can contribute, too. Happy reading!

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I am a Master's student studying Conservation and Biodiversity at the University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus. I am from the US - I grew up in Philadelphia and I received my undergraduate degree studying psychology and French from Bates College in Maine. My favorite thing in the world is traveling. Other hobbies include football (the soccer kind), squash, biking and hiking. I have also tried my hand at surfing and climbing while in Cornwall and love both.

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Hailing from the Midlands and muddling my way through university life, my name is Evelyn and I am currently in my second year of studying History. When I am not traipsing around the library attempting to find history books, my main occupation is the Exeter University Officer Training Corps. Hockey, art, exploring what Exeter has to offer and panicking about what I am having for dinner that day are some of the other activities I can be found doing. With some luck, this blog will give some insight into the life of an average Exeter student who is learning about the best ways to go about being an adult.

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Hi! I’m Evlyn from Hong Kong. I’m a 2nd year Medical Sciences student. Yep, I’m base on both the St Luke’s and Streatham campus! As an international student used to the hustle and bustle of a crowded city, I really do treasure Exeter’s tranquility and greenery. What makes my time here at uni so great must be the people and fun things here! I’m an enthusiast for all thing new and adventurous- join me and the rest of the international community here to know more about having the best time of your life in Exeter!

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Hello! My name is Fairy (sounds just like my Chinese name Feilin). I'm an MA Translation Studies student at the University of Exeter. I'm Chinese and I've received my bachelor's degree several years ago in China. I have plenty of voluntary experience. After my graduation, I did some voluntary work in Tibet. During that time, I was mainly responsible for some administrative work and selected as a representative volunteer to deliver speeches in over 40 universities to call on more graduates to be a volunteer in the underdeveloped area. Besides, I also worked as a volunteer teacher in public junior high school for English teaching in northwest Yunnan. In addition, I've also been an English teacher for kids in an educational institution. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, so J.K.Rowling is one of the main reasons I've chosen the University of Exeter. I love English and I hope I can become a successful translator in the future. I’ll try to give you more ideas about life in Exeter.

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My name is Jacob and I am a 20-year-old photographer and writer from Norway, currently studying Psychology at the University of Exeter. I love telling stories, be it through photographs of my experiences, travels and friends, or through poetry, fiction or non-fiction writing. I also love reading and occasionally make videos to capture more of my life. Hopefully I'll be able to share some of my experiences as a student at Exeter, or at the very least bring you some nice photos!

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Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am a second year Liberal Arts student majoring in English with proficiency in French. I am an international student from Hong Kong, so I truly understand the struggles of being away from home. In this year and a half, I think I have learnt more about myself and Exeter, hopefully by sharing my experience as an international student in Exeter, it will help some of you out there.

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Jenny Marie

My name is Jenny, I'm a thirty-something, part-time, postgraduate distance learning student. I was born and raised in Manchester, and work full time at the University of Manchester. I'm now studying towards the MA Anthrozoology as well. I completed my undergraduate degree in Manchester back in 2007 so this is proving to be a mildly terrifying journey... My blog is both a reflective journal about my studies, and of how I cope (or not), juggling full time work and part-time study. I don't have a whole lot of spare time, but when I do, I'm walking my rescue dog, volunteering for a local animal shelter, watching old British horror films, spending time with my partner, or sleeping!

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Jodie Louise

My name is Jodie and I am an undergraduate philosophy student with aspirations to be a novelist. I am also a strongly independent person, or perhaps too stubborn to admit to needing help, which causes problems itself. One of the biggest worries for students is 'survival' in this new environment and I will be adapting to survive too, battling the trials and pitfalls of a long-distance relationship, economizing, studying, making friends and finding a job. It is perhaps my duty, as a philosophy student, to try and impart some wisdom or express some meaning in a story but with an element of humour too which is the aim of my writing to you.

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Hi Everyone! I'm Josh from Canada and I'm on exchange here at Exeter for my third year in Mechanical Engineering. As someone who took the leap across the ocean to flip life 'upside down' (or rather 'rightside left' based on driving habits around here) I want to encourage all you guys to do the same. Exeter has become my home and I'm forever grateful for every little detail in this new life. I look forward to writing about all of it and am happy to respond to any questions!

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Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Katya and I am a 4th-year student at the University of Exeter, studying International Relations and Business management with proficiency in Italian. I know it is a long title, but I certainly enjoy my course! My favourite fact about our university is that it is VERY DIVERSE, which changes your entire world. People here come from million of backgrounds - different nationalities, interests, beliefs, education and passions. "Even simply being exposed to diversity changes the way you think." (Katherine Phillips)

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Hi! My name is Kimberley, but most people call me Kim. I'm in my second year studying Economics and Politics. I'm from a small town in Malaysia where I would go kayaking in the rainforest and jungle trekking. I packed my bags and left to England when I was 15, which was quite daunting. So I have been through the whole international student experience and have now adapted to the British lifestyle. Since being in Exeter I've been part of a diverse community and I hope to share my experiences and journey here with you all!

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Hi! My name is Kona and I am in my final year studying BA International Relations. I am an international student from Japan, so I know that living away from home can be hard sometimes. However, throughout the two years, I have been able to get to know lots of different people from my own background and many others. I hope to help some of you out there by sharing my experience throughout my time here at Exeter.

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Hi! I'm Lakshmipriya, alias LP! I'm a postgraduate student, doing Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture. The international student in me is insatiably curious, so I'm constantly trying to uncover everything Exeter and the university has to offer! Come join me on this journey.... Spoilers!! It involves rambling around the gorgeous university grounds, exploring Exeter and powering through loads of assignments!!

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My name is Melissa Poon and I am an exchange student from the University of Ottawa in Canada. I am my third year of studies, pursuing an Honours BA with a major in English and Francais langue seconde with the hopes of working in the publishing industry in the future. I am avid reader and writer with a big passion for music. In my spare time, I can be found busking on the streets, traipsing around the city with my camera, and chasing sunsets.

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Hi I’m Mia! An undergraduate at Exeter in my first year studying a BSc in Sociology. I decided to join the flock of online writers to report the truth about the life of a fresher in Exeter only a few weeks ago, so I'm relatively new to blogging (please bear with me). I can’t make any promises with regards to any kind of ‘quality writing’ but do apologise in advance for that, I can however say that it will be totally honest and hopefully amusing, reporting the highs and lows of the supposedly ‘best years of your life’.

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Greetings and salutations, I am Michael and I hail from the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. I am doing an amazing masters program in International Film Business and I have been a filmmaker for the last 10 years. I directed my first feature length film titled Green Days by the River in 2017 and I am looking forward to making some films in the UK. I hope to share my experiences, travels, passions and stories with you on this blog.

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Hello! My name is Michelle and I'm currently in my first year of Marine Biology. Having just moved from the hustle and bustle of Singapore, I hope to share all the ways in which I am coping and adapting to life here at University of Exeter in Cornwall. In my spare time I can be found trying to perfect recipes from home or struggling to video call my high school friends scattered all over the world with student accommodation wifi.

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Hey! I’m Mikki and am currently a second year English Lit student at the University of Exeter in Cornwall. I’ve come all the way from good ol’ Singapore, moving then to Hong Kong before coming to the UK and it’s been an eventful journey since! I spend a lot of time reading (aha), going to museums and shouting about TV shows – I’m also one of the Hitch Officers for FXU RAD where we do lots of exciting events for students and at the same time fundraise for charity (which I absolutely love doing!!) Hopefully, I’ll be able to tell you more about all the ups and downs of being an international student at university and any advice that might be useful in the short or long run; who knows?

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Hi! I'm Nicola, a Management with Marketing student from Hong Kong on placement year. As an international student, I hope sharing my experiences studying in the UK will give insight to what it’s like studying in a diverse environment like Exeter. Read along for tips studying abroad, and to get an understanding of what student life in Exeter is all about!

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Hello! My name is Nicolette and I am a second year BSc Business student at the Penryn Campus. I am from Los Angeles, California and I like being outdoors, travelling and learning about different cultures, and I have a big passion for sustainable business and conservation. My favourite part about being an international student at the Penryn Campus is having the ability to mix with the incredibly diverse community that exists within our little Cornish haven, finding different ways to connect with each other everyday, and discovering how similar we all really are at the end of the day. Hopefully through sharing my own experiences with you, you will see how truly wonderful it is to be student in the global age we live in.

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Hi! I'm Niki, a second-year undergraduate studying Sustainability with French in Exeter. Having said goodbye to my beloved country, Hungary, I moved to the UK in September 2016. By this time, I proudly call Exeter my new home. I met the loveliest people here and did my best to discover as much as possible in Devon, because there's plenty to do here. I'll do my best to give you guidance on how to survive your first years and make the most of your time in Exeter. :)

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Hey! If you are interested in reading about an international student experience at the University of Exeter, you are on the right page! I am a Business student originally coming form Russia. I moved to the UK when I was 17 and it completely changed my life. I am extremely passionate about fashion, photography, travelling and healthy lifestyle. In this blog I would like to share my thoughts about life at Exeter and also give some advice to those who want to join our amazing community.

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fellow member of the bloggersphere, casual singaholic and science enthusiast

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I'm a third year student reading English Literature, which I love tremendously even though it often makes very little sense. I'm secretary for the YMCA society, raising money for young people in Exeter who are vulnerable to homelessness. I go to Isca church and I spend the rest of my time getting overly-excited about food, animated films and bad puns. I'm forever bursting into my housemates' bedrooms to tell them something wholly unimportant about my day, so I imagine my blogs will go along a similar line. I delight in the little things, and I aim to be honest about the hodgepodge that is my life.

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Hi! I'm Tanvi Jain. I was born and brought up in a small town in India. I graduated with a degree in Filmmaking and now I'm doing my masters in International Film Business from the University of Exeter in collaboration with The London Film School. I am interested in creating and promoting independent films and bringing quality Indian indie movies to the world. I love writing and enjoy photography and in my free time I binge on TV Series.

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Hi! My name is Thaïs Cardon and I'm in second year of English literature at the university of Exeter's Penryn campus. My current interests include knitting, crocheting, travelling, reading, cooking, sailing and badminton! I'm working hard to go on a year abroad and would love to travel the world after I earn my degree. I'm also very passionate about mental health and the importance of self-care and kindness. Having moved around a lot, I'd like to be able to share the ways that I've dealt with this and how you, too, can feel at home on the Cornish campus.

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My name is Thesia and I am a second-year student at the University of Exeter studying Business Economics. I am originally from Indonesia and flew 16-hours to study here at Exeter, but I can truly say that it was worth it. My favourite part of the University is the fact that it is in Exeter! It is the perfect location for university life that offers everything you need. In the past year, I've learned to adapt and live on my own, so I hope sharing my experiences on this blog can help some of you international students who are thinking of studying here.

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Hi! I am Vanshika from India. I am a postgraduate student doing my Masters in International Film Business, a course that is a University of Exeter and London Film School collaboration. I had completed my under graduation in Film and Television production and worked for a few months until I realised I need to learn more about the business of films. I love travelling and exploring new cities and countries. I love to meet new people and learn about new cultures. This course has already given me a very multi-cultural experience with my cohort from all over the world. In my blogs I will share all that I have experienced and will experience in future!

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Hello everyone ! My name is Victoria and I'm second year Business & Management student at the Exeter University. After living and studying here, in Exeter, for over one year I can definitely say that I made the right decision. Also, aside from being a student I love making short videos, paint, play piano but most importantly I love exploring. So, if you want to know more about what to do in Exeter you are asking the right person!

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Hello, my name’s Ysabel Daly , I’m 19 and I’ve just started my second yearat the University of Exeter as an undergraduate History student. I’m definitely not an expert on Uni life and still learning new things every day, but hopefully I can give some advice to first years regarding every aspect of Uni life, whether that be on what to expect, how to budget, maintain a good balance or how not to stress! When I’ve not got my head in a book, I enjoy Dance and try my best to keep fit and healthy! Writing is something I’ve always wanted to do, so follow me on my journey, I hope you enjoy!

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