Centre member gets prestigious impact award

Diana Hilliard pictureDr Diana Hilliard, a former PhD student in the Centre for Teaching Thinking and Dialogue, has gained a SetSquare iCURE award giving her up to £50,000 to develop her PhD research as a start up company.

Diana’s PhD with Rupert Wegerif and Rob Freathy  focussed on the promotion of persuasive argumentation and dialogic interaction to help students improve both their oral and written argument. She found that dialogic interaction encourages critical thinking, a deeper understanding of the subject material as well as developing participating students’ self efficacy and confidence. She is now developing this as a programme to improve education and training in various contexts.

You can find out more about iCURE here http://www.setsquared.co.uk/research-commercialisation/icure-innovation-commercialisation-university-research-programme


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