Videos and links

Rupert Wegerif talking on BBC Radio Devon, 10 July 2015, about the published report that finds teaching Philosophy for Children improves results in Maths and Literacy (BBC main report, 10 July 2015)


Rupert Wegerif talking on the BBC Mark Forest Radio Show, 25 June 2015, on thinking schools


Rupert Wegerif talking on BBC Radio Kent, 24 June 2015, on advanced thinking accreditation


Rupert Wegerif presenting at ICITS conference, May 2015 ‘Learning to learn together (L2L2)’

BBC report on UK MOOCs, Rupert Wegerif, 10 May 2014

Keynote by Rupert Wegerif, University of Waikito, January 2014

Rupert Wegerif on ‘Dialogic Space and ‘Infinte Other’, August 2012



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