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iGEM 2012 @ Exeter

I am very pleased to say that we have been accepted for participation in iGEM 2012. There’s not much to see yet but you will be able to see how the team progresses over the summer months here.

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Alphabetti Biology

In addition to David Shukman’s upcoming appearance on BBC R4, he has written an article on the BBC news website on synthetic biology, which will be added to tomorrow.  Find the article here.  Some ‘interesting’ posts in the ‘Your comments’ section at the bottom…

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Wellcome news

A big thank you to the Wellcome Trust for providing stipends to University of Exeter students to take part in the iGEM competition this year. This makes a huge difference to our ability to enter the competition, allowing the students to work full time on a project of their own devising.

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Synthetic Biology on R4′s Today

The BBC’s David Shukman reports on Synthetic Biology on the Today program (7:40 time slot).

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10 emerging technologies for 2012

Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology only make it to no. 2 on this World Economic Forum list of emerging technologies for 2012. Something will have to be done!

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Magnetic yeast – from the Oscillator

Christina Agapakis (aka Oscillator) discusses a recent paper from Pam Silver’s lab in this post, “magnetic yeast“.

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